Awesome weed, great price. Haven't ordered from these guys in a while. I'm really impressed with their stuff though 5/5 no co... Read more
Bingwater, 4 months ago
Amazing prices, got really good combo deals got amazing customer service
Sjay78, 4 months ago
Amazing! So quick with delivery and ever so helpful. Totally recommend. Always service with a smile :) Thanks for the great p... Read more
Gayle, 9 months ago
Excellent quality. They’re the real deal!!!
jthedean, 11 months ago
crazy pricing.
heilneil, 1 year ago
First time buying here and they make me love them
lialia, 1 year ago
nice customer service
billycatter, 1 year ago
Super big bud, great smell.
kestisje, 1 year ago
Nice supporter, Stuff are good enough to satisfy me.
JustinK11, 1 year ago
They have nice and clean Canabis, they have good customer service and they are fast , recommended
Klem2, 1 year ago
The driver hit my address in a blink...... while im stucking in bathroom
tuilosi1, 1 year ago
Crazzzzzzzzzzy affordable
ministolan, 1 year ago