We can't think of a better place to smoke up than the beautiful Quebec City. The historical buildings, large green spaces, and interesting landmarks make it one of the most fun places to smoke a joint and explore. Alternatively you can kick back at home with your favorite Indica. Wherever you smoke your weed, we can guarantee that a weed delivery service would make your cannabis experiences even more stress free and relaxing. At Leafythings, we'll connect you with the best cannabis delivery service in the area.

Are you traveling to Quebec City, Quebec ? Are you planning to move to the area? This vibrant, quickly growing city is attracting new visitors and residents like never before - and those people include recreational and medicinal cannabis users.

If Quebec City is in your near future, you may have already wondered how you will stock up on cannabis once you arrive. There are quite a few options for purchasing cannabis in Quebec City, and choosing the right one for you can feel overwhelming.

Leafythings is here to simplify the process. By using the simple search function, you can quickly and easily locate dispensaries and weed delivery Quebec City residents use to take the stress and time out of getting weed delivered right to their homes.

Why use a weed delivery service?

A lot of people still think that a cannabis delivery service is only for emergencies, when you've completely drained your supplies and need some weed quickly. A delivery service offers a lot more than this though, and using one could save you loads of time and stress. This is because most people still drive out to the dispensary every single time they need a new batch. There is really no need to do this though, when a delivery service would happily bring your favorite weed products straight to your door. Furthermore you can choose form a huge range of products when ordering online - no more settling for whatever they have in stock at the dispensary.

Isn't cannabis delivery expensive?

You'd be forgiven for assuming that getting your cannabis delivered to your house must be more expensive than buying from the dispensary. However, it's usually the other way around! The products are the same price as in the dispensary, and you just have to pay a small delivery fee. Considering you probably have to pay for gas or public transport to get to the dispensary, you really aren't losing any money.

Delivery areas in Quebec City

The delivery teams we work with will deliver to everywhere in Quebec City. Whether you live in Saint-Roch, Notre-Dame, or even in a penthouse in the business district, you'll be able to get your favorite Sativas and Indicas brought straight to your front door. Everyone seems to have busy lives these days, so why not have someone else bring your weed to you, so that you can enjoy it even more? Check out the Leafythings directory to browse the services and products on offer.

Which weed products are available for order in Quebec City?

Because new products are always emerging in the Cannabis market, it can be hard to keep track of what’s available without Leafythings. The search function can help you choose dried dried flower strains, delicious edibles, and other cannabis products. When it comes to cannabis delivery, Quebec City can help you get what you need quickly.

Interesting facts about Quebec City

Officially, Quebec is a French-speaking province, About four out of five residents of Quebec City speak French at home. Most locals do speak English when in public and when entertaining English-speaking guests.

Also, one of Quebec City’s hotels, the Chateau Frontenac, holds a Guinness World Record for having been photographed more times than any other hotel in the world.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Quebec City

With so many options, it can be challenging to find a dispensary or Quebec City weed delivery service you can feel comfortable with. Leafythings can help by putting all of Quebec City’s dispensaries and marijuana delivery services right at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is weed legal in Quebec City?

As in the rest of Quebec, cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical use. Quebec weed delivery is also permitted, so dispensaries and delivery services may also legally sell and provide cannabis to consumers who are at least 21 years old.

How long will the delivery take?

You might be worried that if you order weed delivery, Quebec City couriers might take a long time to deliver your cannabis. Most of the time, though, this isn’t true. Same day weed delivery Quebec City services help ensure your stash doesn’t run empty - the best weed delivery services Quebec City offers can have your weed to you within just a few hours.

How much is an ounce of weed in Quebec City?

Purchasing marijuana by the ounce is a great way to control costs - the price per gram will generally be less than for one-ounce purchases than for 3.5 gram packages. Depending on the product you choose and the potency of the product, you can expect to pay between $120 and $200 for an ounce of cannabis in Quebec City.

What is the minimum order?

Quebec City dispensaries and weed delivery services sometimes set minimum orders for delivery. In store, though, minimum order requirements are uncommon. Because most dispensaries and Quebec City cannabis delivery services don’t sell dried flower in units smaller than 3.5 grams, some people consider this a “minimum order.”