As promised, here is a continuation of cannabis tourist destinations, another little bucket list that we've created for you for the best stoner vacations. This time we're going international, so get your passport ready and pack those suitcases.

1)   Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Strain to try: SkyRocket – (Skywalker Saga x Grapefruit Superstar)

Amsterdam is known to be the weed capital of Europe; while cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands, it is decriminalized, which means it's tolerated.  

Locals don't partake in the activity of smoking weed; it is purely left for tourists. 

Instead of having dispensaries like most other countries do for the distribution and sale of cannabis, Amsterdam is filled with little "coffee shops," not a Café as that's where you would find actual coffee and not the sticky icky herbs you're after. 

As a tourist, you may be unsure where to find the right kind of coffee shop; we've got you covered; just check out the "Coffee Shop Info Centre," also known as "CoffeeShopAmsterdam," located only 3 minutes from Central Station. It's an excellent place to start as it can help point you in the right direction. After purchasing your herb, you're able to stick around and spark up in the coffee shop's central area, or you can ask for a private room.

 Even though it's technically illegal, you're still able to get away with smoking weed, just don't have more than 5g in your possession, and don't try to smoke in a weed ban area, is all.

 (Current pandemic restrictions may not allow for tourists to visit coffee shops)

 2)  Where: Jamaica

Strain to try: Lambs Bread

Jamaica is known for its beautiful reef-lined beaches, incredible weather, and our running favorite, ganja. There probably isn't anything better than laying out in the hot Jamaican sun with a cold wait; there is one thing that would make it better, a nice fat spliff. 

In Jamaica, cannabis is legal for medical use and decriminalized for recreational use. Jamaica was also one of the first countries to legalize cannabis for religious use, citizens who practice Rastafarianism can utilize cannabis freely for sacramental purposes.  

Even though the use of cannabis is still technically illegal, you won't get in trouble for possessing small amounts for personal use. Just remember that smoking in public is not allowed; however, smoking cannabis in dispensaries and private residences is ok. Street cannabis is generally easy to find, but larger cannabis dispensaries will not serve a tourist or a resident without a medical marijuana recommendation from a professional. 

There are a few ways to experience the cannabis side of Jamaica without the fear of being detained. "Stepping High Festival," considered the ganga music experience, is the longest-running cannabis festival in the Caribbean. Before decriminalization (which occurred in 2015), this was an underground festival; now, it's a 2-day long festival that occurs in Negril. This must-see, must-attend event happens in March every year; however, this may be slightly different due to pandemic restrictions. 

"HigherWayTravel" is another excellent option to experience Jamaica's cannabis tourism. They offer cannabis tourism packages, one of which is called "Baked on the beach," which includes accommodations at the famous coral cove resort, meals, activities, and yes, they even provide you with some herb to smoke during your stay. This generally happens in April, right around 4/20.

3)  Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Strain to try: Whatever you can find! 

According to many, Portugal is slowly becoming Europe's hottest destination to visit with its amazing nightlife, architecture, and food. Tourists from all around the world are adding it to their list of destinations to visit. So, it only seemed fitting that we did the same for you. 

Portugal decriminalized personal quantities of all drugs in 2001 (yes, you read that right, ALL drugs) marijuana to heroin everything was decriminalized. This was done to help reduce the number of individuals contracting HIV/AIDS from injecting drugs. It was also done to help reduce the number of individuals incarcerated for drug use. Drug use is considered a health concern in Portugal, not a crime. 

You will not be bothered for having a small amount on you for your personal use; a 10-day supply is all you're allowed; it translates to be 25grams of cannabis or 5grams of hash. Finding good bud in Portugal is rare; when you do find some, most of it is said to be riddled with seeds. Hash is more readily available for purchase, and the quality of the hash you find is often much better than the quality of cannabis.

Buying cannabis on the street is not recommended, as tourists have been robbed and pickpocketed while trying to do so. Individuals who offer you marijuana on the streets don't have any; instead, they have regular everyday cooking herbs disguised as cannabis. This doesn't mean it's impossible to find, just hard. Heading to a herbal supplement store and making some discreet inquiries might be your best solution.  

4)  Where: Uruguay

Strain to try: Manga Rosa

A tiny country between Argentina and Brazil that's often overlooked, Uruguay is the last cannabis tourist destination on our list of recommendations. It has some of the most stunning beaches in South America, coupled with some of the best resorts. 

Uruguay fully legalized the recreational use of cannabis in 2013; currently, it's legal for any citizen 18 years of age or above. Unlike many other countries, locals are allowed to smoke wherever they please, in a public setting or the comfort of their own space; it's all allowed. As of now, it is still illegal for visitors/tourists to purchase cannabis, but that doesn't mean it's illegal to receive it as a gift from a local. Recently there's been much talk about the government considering adjusting the rules to make access to cannabis easier for tourists. The ability to openly purchase your bud for your travels is excellent news for canna-tourists. 

 If we could recommend one place to visit while in Uruguay, Punta del Este, a city seaside resort called the Ibiza of South America, a playground for the elite, is often packed with multimillion-dollar yachts and skyscraper condos that reach the clouds. It's the perfect spot for some lux relaxation coupled with lots of fun parties and events. 

Being a canna-tourist is like being a regular tourist; just canna-tourists are much more relaxed and tend to have way more fun on their vacations. Pro-tip from us to you, always do your best to plan, follow the rules and regulations, and don't get so toked up that it ruins your trip.