As a thought leader in the cannabis industry, Leafythings is always keeping an eye out for pioneers in the field that leave an imprint on society which extends beyond simply selling product. In the world of alcohol, for example, the Molson Coors Company has implemented several community initiatives, including a canned water distribution program, hand sanitizer deliveries to first responders during the pandemic and millions of meals to food banks during previous holiday seasons. It is impressive to see a large, successful company such as Molson Coors making a positive impact in the community. So, what about the cannabis industry? Is there any company out there facilitating community growth and development, and is as interested in giving back to society the way Molson Coors does? 

     Perhaps not at the magnitude of the alcohol conglomerate, but yes, there is – right here in Toronto. CAFE, also known as Cannabis and Fine Edibles, prides itself on its high-quality cannabis products, eclectic coffee and infused beverages and more. Indeed, CAFE is more than just a dispensary in Toronto. The company prides itself on corporate and social responsibility, as is evident in the various outreach efforts they have been spearheading throughout the city over the last 6 years. CAFE caught the attention of Leafythings last weekend, when they organized a Turkey Giveaway in celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday. Realizing that so many people in Toronto’s various communities simply do not have access to the luxuries of holiday meals, CAFE distributed over 800 turkeys in the Corso Italia, Bloor West, Harbord Village and Fort York CityPlace neighbourhoods on Saturday, October 8th, 2022. A Leafythings representative went to check the scene out at one of the giveaway locations, and was in awe at the number of people waiting in line to receive a turkey to prepare their Thanksgiving meal with. It was a real eye opener, not just with regards to Toronto’s food insecurity and accessibility issues, but also to the generosity of one company. The enthusiastic staff, the appreciative community members and the overall jovial atmosphere was the pick-me-up the city needed as the warm days of summer recede and we head into colder weather. 

     CAFE also regularly participates in food drives and toy drives around the holidays. Leafythings also learned that CAFE recently volunteered at the Fort York Terry Fox Run, handing out free beverages to all participants and supporters. CAFE also conducts multiple community cleanup efforts throughout the year, picking up garbage in the neighbourhoods surrounding their store locations. All of these efforts are impressive, not just because they are amazing causes, but because this is the first we have seen of this type of philanthropic initiative within the cannabis industry. This consistent effort towards community welfare is what seems to set this company apart from other dispensaries. Hopefully, these actions inspire other business owners to create positive change, and we begin to see charitable ventures, local outreach and community advocacy become the norm in a cannabis company’s modus operandi. Until then, CAFE has definitely made its mark when it comes to responding to community needs - and we here at Leafythings are proud to support them.