“Serving Leafythings to a Coterie of friends” - Chef Pat Newton. Leafythings had the pleasure of hosting a dope sensory experience alongside Coterie - a cannabis brand that celebrates community, shared tastes and art in all forms, sharing similar values as Leafythings! Discover the best weed delivery options in Toronto

          This exclusive dinner party seated some of the industry’s most influential people at the Coterie headquarters. It was a “super social setting where the flavours are as contagious as the vibes.” - Chef Pat Newton. Connecting and creating a sense of community with one thing in common, cannabis. 

          The menu was designed, cooked and infused by Chef Pat Newton, a chef specializing in cannabis-infused meals to help promote and demonstrate how cannabis can be used to find a balance that works for anyone. The dinner consisted of 4-courses featuring different compounds of cannabis. THC, CBD, and even specific terpene profiles were used. Chef Pat Newton brought the community to life to create an experience unlike any other while using certain products from Coterie, (including their Dried Pineapple Edible) which was used in the dessert dish. This was by far the sweetest dish - no pun intended!

          As the night went on, we enjoyed some of Coterie’s finest products, including their Mendo Breath strain, a sweet citrusy strain with a spicy, earthy finish. The Mendo Breath is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which was perfect for a social setting like this dinner experience. The night ended with thank-you’s from Coterie, Chef Pat Newton and Leafythings. Each attendee left with a swag bag from Coterie and Leafythings, including some of Coterie’s products and exclusive #LeafySwag. 

          We are looking forward to our next event and to see what Chef Pat Newton and Coterie will do next. Hopefully, we will see you there!