Carnival games, special performances from some of the dopest Toronto DJs, multiple swimming pools, meals cooked by a famous celebrity chef, and a whimsical LeafythingsLounge area. All of this is what you will find at the first of its kind, happening only here in Toronto, the Cannabis Carnival. It will be ongoing all summer, every Friday to Sunday, and will be hosted at the Grand Bizarre in Toronto.


I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening weekend, the very first weekend, with many more to come. From Friday-Sunday, you could find our team in the LeafythingsLounge, the first consumption lounge offered in a venue like the Grand Bizarre. The LeafythingsLounge is decorated similarly to candy land. Decorative lollipops, chocolate bars, cupcakes and donuts surround the comfy cabanas placed around the Lounge for consumers to lay back, roll up and spark up! However, my personal favorite spot within the Carnival space is the swings! Yes, you read that right; there are Leafythings swings within the lounge area! I lived my best life on these swings, smoking my KushKraft Preroll pack!


This weekend was packed with some of the best experiences, including live performances and appearances from DJ Charlie B, Ameer B, and boxing legend Lennox Lewis just to name a few. 

We also feel incredibly blessed to have Celebrity Chef Robert Rainford attend and cook some of the most delicious food at the Cannabis Carnival all summer for all incoming attendees. I find it is almost worth going just for the food, especially once the munchies kick in from having sparked up in the Lounge. Of course, these special guests received a #LeafySwag bag filled with goodies.


If you plan to go, which you should, one thing to note is the hours of the Cannabis Carnival vary depending on the day. You will notice each day has a different vibe; there are the late-night hours when people drink delicious cocktails and enjoy bottle service at their cabanas. Then there are also the daytime hours when people lay in the sun, chilling by the pool. The one thing that doesn't change between these times, however, is the amount of #Leafythings that get smoked. It smells incredible in the venue! The venue hours are perfect if you're coming into Toronto for The Ex - the Canadian National Exhibition or before/after one of your favourite Toronto concerts. 



Saturday Day’s



Saturday Nights







Honestly, this is one of the best experiences I've had, and it's absolutely groundbreaking that the Cannabis Carnival is happening. We've worked so hard and have gotten so far with the legalization of cannabis, but we've still got a long way to go. However, this is one step further, and it's time to celebrate what we've accomplished! Hopefully, you can attend for one weekend to experience this one-of-a-kind Cannabis Carnival at the Grand Bizarre. If you need me or a lighter since they take them at the door, come to say high in the LeafythingsLounge consumption area, where the team will have some Leafythings lighters to spark up your spliffs! 

The Cannabis Carnival will be the best spot to be all summer long; just imagine laying in the sun or relaxing in the shade while smoking your favourite #Leafythings. You know you can already count me in; you'll likely see me around all summer!


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