The best and most consistent chocolate bar on the market for high tolerance users! Their Shatter Bars are unmatched !
ontariomicrogrowers, 6 months ago
Great products. Thank you
The Bud Locker, 10 months ago
Best edibles in canada
Kushking, 1 year ago
Test1411, 1 year ago
i liked these bars for a while but then realized '500mg extract' is not the same as '500mg THC' I feel mislead
Bonggod, 1 year ago
I love euphoria extractions they have the best shatter bars in the game.
KlayT3, 1 year ago
Love these chocolate bars!! I get these off my go to dispensary since they offer same day delivery. Definitely would recommen... Read more
AMC2M00N, 2 years ago
Chews taste great ☺️
Eddiebd85, 2 years ago
We love this brand! Fast shipping and high quality product.
Pronto Delivery Services, 2 years ago
Love the products! Thanks for all the help, Gkings
GANJAKINGSYYC, 2 years ago
Real deal edibles no gimmicks
Hellcat707, 2 years ago
amazing 1200mg chocolate bars!!
syzewa, 2 years ago