Euphoria Extractions

Euphoria Extractions

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The best and most consistent chocolate bar on the market for high tolerance users! Their Shatter Bars are unmatched !
ontariomicrogrowers, 2 years ago
Great products. Thank you
The Bud Locker, 2 years ago
Best edibles in canada
Kushking, 3 years ago
Test1411, 3 years ago
i liked these bars for a while but then realized '500mg extract' is not the same as '500mg THC' I feel mislead
Bonggod, 3 years ago
I love euphoria extractions they have the best shatter bars in the game.
KlayT3, 3 years ago
Love these chocolate bars!! I get these off my go to dispensary since they offer same day delivery. Definitely would recommen... Read more
AMC2M00N, 3 years ago
Chews taste great ☺️
Eddiebd85, 3 years ago
We love this brand! Fast shipping and high quality product.
Pronto Delivery Services, 3 years ago
Love the products! Thanks for all the help, Gkings
GANJAKINGSYYC, 3 years ago
Real deal edibles no gimmicks
Hellcat707, 3 years ago
amazing 1200mg chocolate bars!!
syzewa, 4 years ago


Euphoria Extractions was created upon the belief that everybody should have the option of mind-opening freedom, spiritual exploration and self-healing. We came into existence to enjoy the products we wanted most, but we could not find reasonable access to acquire them. We have decided to share our joys with our fellow Canadians to allow everybody age 19+ to obtain the happiness, spiritual, and medicinal fulfillments they need, or desire, all produced with the highest quality materials, making Euphoria Extractions a brand you can trust. At Euphoria Extractions, we work hard to ensure you receive the highest quality, best-tasting extractions and edibles on the market. Lots and batch numbers help to ensure rapid identification. We believe in keeping everybody well informed to be able to provide accurate portion control on the products we provide, so everybody can feel happy, safely.