@Ducan420 youre such a biggest hater and whoever you are or one of the company on this Leafythings platform, please go spend ... Read more
bigboss24high, 1 year ago
I left review the other day, Looks like CAFE deleted it LOL Ordered some AAAA but got AA+ instead, dry, no smell and when I c... Read more
Ducan420, 1 year ago
Best in the game! No contest!
Cryptoboyfriend, 2 years ago
Cheapest in town, best bud bar none!!! no other dispensary has so many deals available!!!! Such a good experience!!!!
rico1313, 2 years ago
Amazing product definitely the place to call for flowers! Not one strain I’ve tried that I have not liked , great strains, gr... Read more
Lindica, 2 years ago
grat site, nice service and the bud was legit
Bonggod, 3 years ago
So happy to have a reliable mail service.
Stephanie M, 3 years ago
Owner's reply
They deliver very fast!
Dograaakriti96@gmail.com, 3 years ago
Owner's reply
great experience.. definitely brought back some Toronto memories. ty!
dowizo, 3 years ago