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Interesting Facts about Port Perry

The Amazon series “Jack Reacher” was filmed partially in Port Perry. While this lakeside community was home to fewer than 10,000 full-time residents in 2016, it’s still a popular destination for tourists. While the picturesque views of nature have always pleased visitors, there are a couple Port Perry cannabis stores that are becoming fan favorites.

How Many Kinds of Weed Product Can I Find in Port Perry?

In addition to a variety of dried marijuana, you may find Port Perry cannabis stores selling pre-rolls, edibles, vaporizers, concentrates, topicals, and seeds. Some shops also sell a range of accessories while some may even sell apparel. Check our listings to discover popular items for sale at some Port Perry weed delivery shops.

What are the Most Popular Dispensaries in Port Perry?

There are only a few dispensaries and cannabis stores operating in Port Perry, and they all have their claims to local fame. Leafythings strives to make your search for the best weed delivery services in Port Perry as effortless as possible. Check our dispensary and delivery service listings for consumer reviews. Those reviews are the best way to find popular weed retailers in any area of Ontario.


How much does weed cost in Port Perry?

An ounce of weed in Port Perry may cost less than $100 or close to $200. The price depends on the variety, quality, and availability of the weed you order. You can find the best prices as well as current deals by searching for weed shops on Leafythings before placing your order.

Where is it legal to have weed in Port Perry?

You can legally vape or smoke weed in most areas of Port Perry that are open to tobacco smokers. Ontario cannabis law prohibits the use of marijuana in any form on playgrounds, schoolgrounds, hospitals, hospices, and publicly owned sports fields. Stick to open public spaces that are away from doorways, windows, and public events.

What is the legal age to have weed in Port Perry?

You can legally purchase and use weed in Port Perry when you turn 19. That’s also the legal age to grow recreational marijuana in a private residence. You’re permitted up to four marijuana plants per residence at any given time.

Are there 24-hour dispensaries in Port Perry?

Most Port Perry weed delivery services and dispensaries close before midnight. Some may offer same day weed delivery in Port Perry, but those services aren’t available around the clock at this time.