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Where Can I Find Weed in Whitby?

There are a few dispensaries and cannabis shops operating in Whitby, but options are limited due to the townā€™s decision not to allow private cannabis retail stores. If you want to find the best options in city limits as well as in surrounding cities, Leafythings can help you out.

Interesting Facts about Whitby

Whitby is a growing town with fewer than 150,000 residents. It boasts a natural harbour on Lake Ontario and is less than a one-hour drive from the center of Toronto. The region was once notorious for rum and brandy smuggling operations, and restrictions continue now that the town now refuses to allow private cannabis retailers to operate within city limits. 

How to Order Weed Delivery in Whitby

Browse Leafythings listings to find services offering marijuana delivery in Whitby. You may also search for dispensaries and cannabis shops offering in-store retail sales or curbside pickup if you donā€™t find suitable Whitby weed delivery at this time.  Our listings will tell you how to place orders with your chosen retailer, whether they allow email, text message, phone call, or online weed orders.


How much weed can I possess in Whitby?

Whitby follows the cannabis laws established by Ontario. Adults at least 19 years old can legally possess up to 30 grams of dried marijuana when in public. For concentrates, edibles, and other weed products, the legal maximum for possession is the amount equivalent to 30 grams of dried weed.

Can you buy shatter in Whitby?

You can legally buy shatter and other forms of cannabis concentrates in Whitby. Leafythings allows you to browse product listings for multiple services offering curbside pickup and same day weed delivery in Whitby and the surrounding area. We make it easy to compare shatter prices in Ontario. 

Where can I find same day weed delivery in Whitby?

Select dispensaries and cannabis shops may offer marijuana delivery to Whitby addresses. Since private cannabis retailers arenā€™t authorised to operate within town limits, itā€™s more challenging to find same day weed delivery in Whitby. Leafythings will help you get the best weed delivery possible.

Are there any late-night dispensaries in Whitby?

Many dispensaries in Ontario close before midnight, even on weekends. At Leafythings, we do our best to collect accurate hours of operation for all Whitby weed delivery and curbside pickup providers. Check our listings often to learn about the best weed delivery services in the Whitby area.