I just placed my first mail order with this company, and let me tell you something. I live in southernish AB, the delivery wa... Read more
Mausie, 3 weeks ago
Been a customer here for over a year. Always blessed me with good prices and amazing quality. Customer service is amazing. Be... Read more
J6711, 1 month ago
Customer service and prices.on.point
pokguy88, 2 months ago
Fire products 🔥 been a weekly customer since 2020 March. Never disappoints. Keep up the good work !!
Latifa69, 3 months ago
Wedding Cake and Strawberries and Cream are good strains atm. Dense, but not that PGR dense stuff... and tons of crystals :) ... Read more
DiscombobulationStation420, 3 months ago
These guys are my ONLY source, and not because there's a lack of places to buy... i trust them, they've never led me astray :... Read more
BrotherJonas, 3 months ago
Been grabbing their budget ($50) oz's for a few months now and I am always stoked with what I get. Thanks!
UnforseenTurmoil, 3 months ago
Try a Major League cart, you wont be disappointed
LesserOfAllEvils, 3 months ago
Total FIRE!!! And great prices too!!!
Korny420, 3 months ago
I buy edibles and vapes from them. Also grab flower of course. Decent selection and great prices.
MissArissa, 4 months ago
Been a customer for ages and they've never messed around or anything. Will keep coming back as long as they keep having that ... Read more
420Rob420, 4 months ago
Grape Ape and the cookies and green flavoured Shatter Bars are my jam
6packOpopaWith, 4 months ago