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I really love this company they always have fast service and great product and always friendly and always have what you ... Read more
Crystal1973, 11 months ago
Honestly the best tasting and acting THC tea on the market!
MikeTorontox, 1 year ago
Love love love these teas! I balance between all options just depending on my day! Taste notes on each are delicious!
missbutter, 1 year ago
I’m not a tea person , but when I met this brand it did so many wonders. I’m IN LOVE with the sleep CBD 20mg. Keep it up I ca... Read more
jennifer2522, 1 year ago
Love the Success Prosperitea!!
Cryptoboyfriend, 2 years ago
Yummy!! ?
Kushking7o5, 3 years ago
This tea is perfect for winding down at the end of the day. A nice change from smoking and edibles.
Freya Ried, 4 years ago
The Sparkle and the Sleep are my two favourites! I honestly can't picture what life was like before having these teas in my d... Read more
michaelburns, 4 years ago


Wesley Tea is an organization of expert tea herbalists, naturopaths, artisans, and growers coming together to create premium, hand-blended cannabis teas. Cannabis tea is steeped in history – more than 2000 years of history, to be precise. Since 2737 BC, cannabis has been consumed across the world in its hot, cold, steeped, and blended variants to provide relief and comfort. 

Practicing sustainable harvesting, each of Wesley Tea’s soothing blends uses CBD and THC distillate derived from organic cannabis, Wesley Tea takes care to preserve this tradition by respecting the steep, sip, savour ritual of traditional tea-steeping. 

Hand-blended with care, their mission is to ensure that every cup of Wesley Tea creates an aromatic experience that awakens your senses and leaves you feeling your best.

We know there are few things as comforting as a fresh cup of tea. As tea lovers ourselves, we created Wesley Tea to perfect quality-blended cannabis teas. Our carefully curated roster of teas combine the ancient tradition of tea blending, modern flavour profiles, and the properties of cannabis for a pure and perfectly potent cup of bliss.

Email us or visit our website for wholesale inquiries! Visit our resellers to try our teas yourself!