Are you planning a trip to Toronto West and looking to pick up cannabis when you arrive? Maybe you're a West Toronto resident, and you just haven't had a chance to find a great dispensary nearby.

Either way, you're in luck - when it comes to weed dispensaries, Toronto West has you covered. You'll find a wide range of dispensaries to choose from in virtually every area of Toronto West.

Of course, high ratings don't necessarily mean a particular dispensary is right for you. It's important to consider which aspects of a dispensary are the most important to you, and choose your "go to" dispensary based on those criteria.

How to Buy Weed Online from Dispensaries in Toronto West

If you're like many people, there are those times when you really need to restock your cannabis supplies, but can't or don't want to travel to a dispensary. Maybe you have an illness or condition that makes it difficult to leave your home, or perhaps you're too backed up with work to afford time away for a dispensary visit.

Either way, buying weed online can be the perfect solution! Many of the marijuana dispensaries Toronto West has to offer have simple online ordering platforms that make it easy to choose and buy your products from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else.

Ordering weed online is easy - if you're ever shopped for shoes, jewelry, or anything else online, these dispensaries' ordering platforms will be very familiar to you.

Simply browse the dispensary's available products (typically grouped by product categories, e.g. dried flower, concentrates, edibles, etc.), add the products you want to your cart, and complete secure checkout just as you would for any other transaction. Unlike in the United States, it is legal to purchase cannabis online in Canada.

During the checkout process, you will choose whether you want to pick your order up at the dispensary later, or have the order delivered to you. Delivery typically involves a small delivery fee, as well as a minimum order amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many weed stores are in Toronto West?

Residents and visitors in Toronto West won't need to go very far to obtain the cannabis products they need - there are more than a half-dozen marijuana dispensaries in the West Toronto Area. Many of the dispensaries are concentrated in the Queen Street area, and along Dundas Street near the Stockyards District.

Is weed legal in Toronto West?

The Cannabis Act of 2018 made cannabis legal for both medical and recreational use throughout Canada. Consumers of legal age may possess and carry up to 30 grams of dried flower, or an equivalent amount of edibles, vaping oils, shatter, or other cannabis-based products.

How old should you be to buy weed in Toronto West?

Canada requires that consumers be at least 18 years old to legally consume cannabis. Individual provinces, though, may impose minimum age requirements and maximum possession amounts that are stricter than national laws, but not more lenient. Ontario, like most Canadian provinces, raised the minimum age to 19.