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Are you looking to buy weed in Baden but don't want to drive out to the dispensary again? Do you just want a nice relaxing smoke without any of the stress of buying? Well, we have the solution for you - weed delivery service! Our directory of cannabis delivery services bring your favorite marijuana products directly to your doorstep, so you don't even have to get out of your unicorn onesie to get your weed in.

The suburban municipality of Baden in Ontario is a quaint and quiet place with a great community. With so much to love about this town, we're here to help you find the best weed dispensaries in and around Baden.

With Kitchener and Waterloo being close by, finding a cannabis dispensary in the area should be a walk in the park. What's hard is comparing the hundreds of products available in the region, and choosing the ones with the best prices and the best quality.

With Leafythings, finding a supplier in the area is simple. Simply enter your postal code or write Baden in the search bar, and our system will load all the stores in your area. You can then narrow down your options by price, by product, or by brand.

Leafythings also allows you to find the top cannabis discounts in Baden, with deals and special prices being updated regularly. Another way to save money on your weed purchases is to get a medical cannabis card, another thing Leafythings can help you with.

Our "Doctors" section helps you get in touch with doctors who can prescribe you an ACMP or MMAR card.

How To Choose The Best Cannabis Dispensary In Baden?

It's possible to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities you present when you search for marijuana dispensaries near you or online marijuana shops. Before you make your choice, consider the following:


You don't want to overpay for weed in an industry where perception plays a big role in selling price. Some cannabis dispensaries offer the same-quality weed as others, but for a mark-up because of location and/or branding. The best way to not overpay is to shop around.


If you're looking for a weed dispensary located near your home in Baden or where you work, then consider this - not only will it be more convenient if you experience mobility issues and need to use a wheelchair, scooter, walker etc., but you'll also want to stick close to home so that local same-day weed delivery in Baden becomes an option.

Product Selection

Some marijuana dispensaries may only stock one brand of product, while others have hundreds. Some offer only dry herb products - no concentrates, edibles, or drinks for that matter. 

You can always get these elsewhere online or at a recreational dispensary near you, but what's important is to make sure the store you choose has the kind of products you want.

FAQ Section

1. Is weed legal in Baden?

Since October, 2018, weed has been fully legal in Canada. Although it has been legal for medical purposes since 2001, the Cannabis Act of October 2018 changed everything. Now that weed is legal in Baden, you're free to explore the world of recreational marijuana dispensaries without a doctor's prescription.

2. How old should you be to order weed in Baden?

Under the Cannabis Act, you need to be at least 19 years of age or older in Ontario. 

3. How much cannabis can I possess in Baden?

In the province of Ontario, you can have as much as 30 grams on your person, or the equivalent in other forms. When ordering online, however, most shops allow you to order much more than this since it's going straight to your house, and you won't be out in public with that amount.

4. Where can I find same-day marijuana delivery in Baden?

Neighbouring Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge all have a number of cannabis dispensaries in the region that provide the best marijuana delivery services in Baden. Visit their website through Leafythings to find out about their cutoff time. As long as you order before said cutoff time, you should receive your package on the same day.

5. How does a weed delivery service work?

Ordering from a weed delivery service could really not be easier. The first, and most difficult step, is to choose what you want from the huge range of products that are on offered. Be prepared to put a bit of time aside for this, especially if you are a cannabis fanatic - they'll be plenty of exotic strains and concentrates that will grab your attention. After you've done this, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and the weed will be on its way to you. What's more, your products nearly always are sent via same day delivery.

6. What are the benefits of a marijuana delivery service?

We've already touched on a few of the big advantages of a weed delivery service, such as the range of products can you choose from. Anyone who's bought weed from a walk-in dispensary will know that they often sell out of your favorite strains, and you often have to settle for something not as good. With a weed delivery service there are no compromises - if a service is sold out of a product, just choose another vendor! Getting your weed delivered is also ideal for anyone who is living a busy schedule, and struggles to find time to go and buy weed. Now, you can order your products before work in the morning, and be able to come home to a fresh delivery.

7. Is it expensive?

It might surprise you, and definitely please you, to hear that ordering through a delivery service really isn't that expensive. The cannabis itself is priced at the same level as in the dispensaries, and you just have to pay a small delivery fee on top for the same day service. Overall, we think getting your weed this way really is a sweet deal.