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If you're looking for a marijuana-friendly doctor in Waterloo, Leafythings can help with that too. Visit the aptly named section on our website, and you'll find a wealth of information on local doctors who are more than happy to prescribe medical marijuana.

Why Order Weed Online?

When cannabis became legal in Canada, we rejoiced along with the rest of the weed community! No more will you have to wait around for weed dealers or travel to seedy areas to get your cannabis products. At Leafythings, we offer smart, affordable online weed delivery so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. It's just like ordering takeout!

The order process is simple. Take a look at the vendors on our site, and check which businesses deliver to your area. You can also get a feel for the type of products available, from edibles, to vape juice, to various cannabis strains. Before you check out, make sure you're familiar with the ID check required by your chosen vendor. Some businesses ask for proof of ID before delivery, whereas others will ask to see your ID before handing over your order.

Affordable Weed Delivery In Waterloo

Whether you're enjoying the scenery at beautiful RIM Park, or spending some time chilling at home, you can receive fast and affordable weed delivery with Leafythings. Wherever you are in Waterloo, just check the map view on our site and you'll quickly find vendors who deliver to your location.

Our mission is to bring you the best range of cannabis products in Waterloo, with easy ordering and efficient delivery. Some vendors can deliver in as little as an hour, and you'll find plenty of same-day delivery options available, too. Delivery is affordable, ranging from $10-20 depending on the selected speed.

How Do I Choose Weed Products?

You'll find a wide range of products available for reliable and speedy delivery on Leafythings. Our vendors offer a selection of enticing options, from cannabis buds to edibles and toiletries. Some of our businesses specialise in high-quality cannabis strains, while others sell edibles and accessories. You're sure to enjoy perusing the wide selection available for Waterloo delivery. Vaping has become more popular in the last couple of years, and if that's your jam, you'll find lots of cannabis vape products that you can order for delivery right to your door. Simply choose the products you'd like to try, place your order, and voila! Just sit back and wait.

Interesting Facts About Waterloo

Waterloo is known for its universities, namely the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University, where many students partake in recreational marijuana usage.

In recent years, Waterloo has become known for its burgeoning tech sector, with companies such as Blackberry calling the city home. There are many things to do in Waterloo with a stoner friend or significant other, including visiting the popular tourist destination of Waterloo Park.

How Many Kinds Of Weed Products Can I Find In Waterloo?

Many cannabis dispensaries sell an impressively wide variety of weed products. This includes flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures and more; you can find practically anything you want in Waterloo! The only question is whether or not it's in stock in marijuana dispensaries near you, and Leafythings is here to help you find out.

What Are The Most Popular Dispensaries In Waterloo?

Waterloo is home to almost fifteen cannabis dispensaries, some of which include:

Canna Cabana

This franchise chain began in Saskatoon and has since expanded to the rest of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and - you guessed it - Ontario. Canna cabana's menu is extensive and includes a variety of strains from numerous growers.

Sweet Seven Cannabis

Another chain dispensary praised for its excellent customer service, Sweet Seven Cannabis is a smaller cannabis dispensary that has been garnering a lot of attention lately due to its unique product selection.

FAQ Section

1. How much does weed cost in Waterloo?

Prices vary depending on the weed dispensary, quality of cannabis, and type of cannabis, but you can generally expect to pay around $6-$14 per gram. Some crowd-favourites are also more expensive due to their rarity.

2. Where is it legal to have weed in Waterloo?

There are a few places where cannabis consumption is legal in Waterloo, including cannabis lounges and private residences. It is forbidden to smoke in public areas because children might be nearby.

3. What is the legal age to have weed in Waterloo?

A good marijuana dispensary will refuse to sell you any products if you cannot prove your majority via a piece of photo identification. In Ontario, the legal age to purchase, possess and consume recreational cannabis is 19 years old.

4. Are there 24-hour dispensaries in Waterloo?

While there are no 24-hour marijuana dispensaries in Waterloo, many stay open late into the evening. Check out our Dispensaries section to find cannabis stores that offer extended hours.