Weed Delivery
Kitchener, Ontario

Desperate to get your next batch of glorious green in, but don't want the stress of having to drive out to your nearest dispensary? Have you just settled down for your daily smoke only to remember you smoked the last your stash listening to the Grateful Dead last night? Well, it sounds like a weed delivery service was made for you! Weed delivery services drop off marijuana right on your doorstep, taking away all the time consuming hassle, and letting you truly enjoy the best bits about your cannabis. Here at Leafythings, we work with all the finest delivery services in Kitchener, simplifying the process even further and providing a seamless weed ordering experience.

Why should I use a weed delivery service?

Weed delivery services aren't just for those unfortunate moments when your supply has run dry. They offer a number of benefits that can greatly improve a cannabis user's life, by saving them a lot of time and energy. In this day and age, people have super busy schedules, and just don't have time to drive out to a cannabis dispensary to get their weed. However, we don't believe that a busy lifestyle should stop anyone from being able to smoke up, and marijuana delivery services offer an extremely easy and stress free alternative. Nearly all of our delivery partners offer same day delivery options, and some even deliver within the hour! Why interrupt your day to buy weed when someone will bring it straight to your door?

How do I order from a marijuana delivery service?

Ordering cannabis to your home is as simple as operating a grinder. The first step is to go to Leafythings and decide what vendor you want to buy from and which products you need to pick up. We have a huge selection of weed strains, concentrates and edibles for you to choose from, so make sure to put some time aside for making difficult decisions. After that, all that's needed is the click of a button to confirm the order. At this stage some vendors will ask for an ID scan as you confirm your payment. Others might request ID to be shown when the product is dropped off at your address. Packages are shipped in discrete packaging, so no one will know about your weed delivery unless you want them to.

What products are available from an online delivery service?

Imagine a horticultural heaven, with an endless choice of succulent weed strains, mind-bending concentrates and futuristic vape juice. That's basically what's on offer from our range of delivery vendors and their products! We also stock a ton of medicinal supplies, and we make it really easy to pick up your next batch of medical cannabis. All in all, you'll struggle to find a better stock list at any dispensary in the country!