Desperate to get your next batch of glorious green in, but don't want the stress of having to drive out to your nearest dispensary? Have you just settled down for your daily smoke only to remember you smoked the last your stash listening to the Grateful Dead last night? Well, it sounds like a weed delivery service was made for you!

Weed delivery services drop off marijuana right on your doorstep, taking away all the time consuming hassle, and letting you truly enjoy the best bits about your cannabis. Here at Leafythings, we work with all the finest delivery services in Kitchener, simplifying the process even further and providing a seamless weed ordering experience.[/p] [p]Are you looking for the best dispensary offering weed delivery in Kitchener? Do you want your product delivered right to your doorstep? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Leafythings is dedicated to maintaining an accurate and up-to-date database of dispensaries offering cannabis delivery in Kitchener, and many other locations throughout Ontario.

Whether you’re ready to buy weed right now, need it fast, or want to see what’s available for a future order, start with a search on our database. Our convenient weed finder allows you to browse product availability and pricing for multiple dispensaries without leaving the Leafythings website.

At Leafythings, we combine all of the top Kitchener weed delivery services in one place, allowing you to window shop. Spend some time getting to know the dispensaries offering same-day cannabis delivery in Kitchener and plan out your future orders.

We’ll tell you how and when each dispensary accepts orders, and point you in the right direction to get what you need from any Kitchener weed delivery service.

How Do I Find the Right Dispensary in Kitchener?

With the increase in the Canadian market, you have more decisions to make: with multiple weed delivery services available in Ontario, you can select from a wider variety of Indica, Sativa, and hyrbrid strains. You can also select from a variety of concentrates, edibles, vape pens, topicals, and weed accessories.

Do you want to vape, smoke, dab, or all three? Will you stick with familiar strains that you have used many times before, or give some of the newer strains a chance? Do you want to head over to your local dispensary for curbside pickup, or have it dropped at your door?

Leafythings is the fast and easy way to make these decisions. It all starts with selecting the right dispensary for the product you want to order and the quality you expect. The first step is to browse the dispensaries listed in our convenient database. Our finder will allow you to identify dispensaries with the product you want to order.

We tell you everything you need to know, including how each dispensary accepts orders. Some take orders only by phone or text, while others process orders online. We show you which products are offered, and at what prices, so that you can feel free to place your order in confidence.

Why should I use a weed delivery service?

Weed delivery services aren't just for those unfortunate moments when your supply has run dry. They offer a number of benefits that can greatly improve a cannabis user's life, by saving them a lot of time and energy. In this day and age, people have super busy schedules, and just don't have time to drive out to a cannabis dispensary to get their weed. However, we don't believe that a busy lifestyle should stop anyone from being able to smoke up, and marijuana delivery services offer an extremely easy and stress free alternative. Nearly all of our delivery partners offer same day delivery options, and some even deliver within the hour! Why interrupt your day to buy weed when someone will bring it straight to your door?

How do I order from a marijuana delivery service?

Ordering cannabis to your home is as simple as operating a grinder. The first step is to go to Leafythings and decide what vendor you want to buy from and which products you need to pick up. We have a huge selection of weed strains, concentrates and edibles for you to choose from, so make sure to put some time aside for making difficult decisions. After that, all that's needed is the click of a button to confirm the order. At this stage some vendors will ask for an ID scan as you confirm your payment. Others might request ID to be shown when the product is dropped off at your address. Packages are shipped in discrete packaging, so no one will know about your weed delivery unless you want them to.

What products are available from an online delivery service?

Imagine a horticultural heaven, with an endless choice of succulent weed strains, mind-bending concentrates and futuristic vape juice. That's basically what's on offer from our range of delivery vendors and their products! We also stock a ton of medicinal supplies, and we make it really easy to pick up your next batch of medical cannabis. All in all, you'll struggle to find a better stock list at any dispensary in the country!


Can I get weed delivered same day in Kitchener?

Yes, some dispensaries now offer same-day cannabis delivery in Kitchener. You can browse available products and prices right here at Leafythings - we’ll tell you how each dispensary accepts orders, allowing you to place your same-day delivery order directly through the dispensary.

What are the laws around weed in Kitchener?

Kitchener follows Ontario cannabis laws. If you’re at least 19-years-old, you can legally buy, possess, and grow weed. You can legally carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis while in a public place, and it’s legal to use that weed in many outdoor public areas. Some exceptions apply, including not using cannabis anywhere near a school or playground.

What kinds of weed can I find in Kitchener?

There are weed delivery options for any type of weed in Kitchener readily available in dispensaries. This includes common strains sold at affordable prices, as well as more exotic or newly released strains. Availability varies, so make sure to check Leafythings before every purchase.

How long has weed been legal in Kitchener?

Medical marijuana use was legalized in Canada in 2001. In 2018, recreational use was legalized. Ontario made its cannabis legislation official on October 17, 2018. Kitchener follows Ontario’s rules for the legal possession and use of all cannabis products.