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If you're looking to buy marijuana in Brampton but don't know where to start, then Leafythings Finder is the place for you. We list all of the dispensaries near Brampton and give them a rating based on their location, hours, services offered and prices.Finding the best dispensarynear Brampton is easier than you think; just by entering your postal code on our website, we'll do the rest for you.

With so many product options out there, it would be a shame to limit yourself to one supplier. Why should you only buy from one dispensary? They all have different brands, manufacturers, strains, prices, and special offers. If you are at a loss as to where the best place to buy marijuana in Brampton is, then take a look at our cannabis directory first.

What You Should Know About Brampton

Brampton is a diverse city located in the heart of Ontario. Its urban centre has grown exceptionally quickly and is currently home to more than 600,000 inhabitants. It's known for its large South Asian population and beautiful parks and recreation spaces. With its incredible selection of arts and culture venues, Brampton's amazing theatres make it one of the best places to live in the GTA.

The marijuana culture in Brampton is akin to the rest of Ontario. After years of oppression, Canadians can finally gain access to products that aid in their health and wellness. Unfortunately, the people of Brampton didn't have access to the dispensary boom that took place in Vancouver in the 2010s. Now, entrepreneurs are opening up shops across this city, seeing a huge demand for cannabis dispensaries in Ontario.

Thanks to the efforts of these brave entrepreneurs, the people of Brampton now have access to a large selection of cannabis products. It's no secret that cannabis is quickly gaining momentum in global markets, and Ontario is not immune from this growing trend.

Weed Products Available in Brampton Dispensaries

If you're new to cannabis, you might not understand much more than joints and bongs. But as the industry evolves, new products such as rosin, dabs, and wax pens continue to be developed. With all of these options, where do you start?

As we mentioned earlier, everyone is different and has their own preferences when it comes to cannabis. If you're looking for weed in Brampton, we've put together a list of some of the most popular choices.


Marijuana buds, nugs, or flowers are the most popular cannabis product on the market. The plant from which these flowers come can have a THC level as high as 27%.

Consumers can choose between Indica, which has a sedative effect, and Sativa, a more stimulating effect. If you're looking for a balanced effect, then you want to choose a hybrid.


When it comes to medical marijuana, you can expect a lot of options. Some patients have expressed interest in alternative ways to consume the plant, so they don't have as harsh a reaction as smoking or vaping.

If you enjoy taking bong rips but want something different, then you might want to try dabs. This product has a THC level as high as 90%+.

Shatter, budder and wax are similar products that offer the same effects. These extracts come from cannabis plants that have a lower level of THC than flowers. Once you've chosen your preferred extract, you can use it to make edibles such as brownies and muffins.


The best choice is an edible for Brampton residents who don't smoke, prefer to take their medication discreetly, or are new to medical marijuana.

We're not talking about your classic pot brownie; there's a whole range of edibles available at dispensaries near Brampton. They include but are not limited to gummies, cookies, hard candy and chocolate bars.


Topicals are a great choice for Brampton residents who have skin conditions or other similar ailments. Lotions and creams containing cannabis oils often have a THC level in the range of 10-25%, which means they won't get you high but can still manage pain and inflammation.


For those looking for medicinal benefits without the high, we recommend trying CBD products. These pain relievers and skincare items can be taken orally or topically depending on individual preferences and needs.

CBD is also great for those who don't want to smoke or vape because it doesn't contain any THC. CBD can manage conditions ranging from anxiety to seizures.

Why You Should Use Leafythings For Weed Buying

As you can see, buying cannabis is not as simple as asking for a joint anymore. If you're new to medical marijuana, then it might be tough to understand the terminology surrounding these products.

That's where we come in. Leafythings is a cannabis directory that helps Brampton residents find their way to dispensaries near them. We have listings for every type of store you can imagine, so all you need to do is type your postal code in the search bar.

When you find a dispensary that suits your preferences, simply head over and start shopping. Whether you're looking for flowers or edibles, we can help you find what you're looking for.

Other features on our website include the ability to find a doctor who can write you a prescription, locate mail-order shops, find out about weed laws in Brampton, learn about cannabis, and browse different deals to save money.

Here at Leafythings, we only list reputable brands with high-quality weed. We understand how important it is to find the best cannabis dispensary in Brampton, which is why we take our role as a brampton cannabis directory very seriously.

FAQ Section

1. Where can I find a medical dispensary in Brampton?

Visit the Leafythings medical dispensary locator to find your way to the best dispensaries in Brampton. The most popular so far are the downtown Brampton dispensaries.

2. Can I buy weed online in Brampton?

You can buy weed online from the mail-order dispensaries on our site. We have a list of 100% legitimate and reputable mail order shops that deliver top-shelf cannabis right to your door in Brampton.

Packages are shipped through Canada Post in a vacuum-sealed package and include a tracking number.

3. What are the legal restrictions regarding weed in Brampton?

The legal age to buy recreational cannabis in Brampton is 19. You can possess up to 30 grams without being charged with anything, but you are not allowed to share your weed with anybody under 19, even friends.