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Type ( Flower )

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THC: 30
Genetics: Hybrid
Product Description

Monkey Mints is a rare balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) cross of Grease Monkey X Mint Chocolate Chip strains.The high starts with a rush of cerebral effects, filling you with an expansive and unfocused giddiness that leaves you giggly and happy. As your mind settles into this stoney state, your body will be washed over with a heavy tingle that leaves you totally immovable and hopelessly couch-locked for hours on end. A sleepy comedown comes next, dropping you off into heavy sedation that can have you dozing off. The effects make Monkey Mints perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, inflammation and appetite loss or nausea. It has a sharp sweet flavor with hints of spicy chemicals upon exhale. The aroma is heavy and pungent with a skunky gas overtone that's accented by spicy chemicals and sharp mint. Monkey Mints buds have rounded desne dark purple nugs with green undertones, matching leaves and a coating of frost.

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