Are you looking to buy weed in Hamilton? Want to smoke up but are tired of the inconvenience of heading to the dispensary? What you need is a convenient weed delivery service! Weed delivery services drop off marijuana right on your doorstep, without you having to leave the comfort of your couch. Not only that, but the deliveries are usually made on the same day as you ordered them! Sounds perfect, right? Here at Leafythings, we connect cannabis users to the best products and delivery services available in Hamilton, so that you can get your fix with the click of a button.

Many Ontario dispensaries are now offering weed delivery in Hamilton. As regulations continue to pass and the weed industry becomes even more convenient, you can expect more dispensaries to open in the area. That’s when you will have even more options for Hamilton weed delivery.

We understand the inconvenience of traveling to your local dispensary every time you need to stock up. We also understand that the supply at that local dispensary may not always meet your needs. If you’re looking for the highest quality weed and want it delivered to your doorstep fast, Leafythings is the ultimate connection.

Browse our listings for the most reputable and reliable Hamilton weed delivery services. Our listings tell you everything you need to know, including the dispensary’s location, contact and ordering information, available products, and prices. We even allow consumers like you to leave reviews for dispensaries, helping each other find the best weed in Ontario.

Searching online for individual dispensaries offering cannabis delivery in Hamilton takes a lot of time. When you bring the search to Leafythings, our finder will connect you with the best same-day cannabis delivery Hamilton has to offer.

How Many Kinds of Weed Can I Buy in Hamilton?

You can find Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes across Canada. Choose from a growing number of strains, including classics that you have tried before and new strains hitting the open market.

Dig deep for Acapulco Gold, or make a commitment with a glorious Black Diamond. Light up the Bubba Kush, or try out the Dank Dynasty. From Death Star to Ghost Train Haze, there’s always a new strain to add to your next cannabis delivery in Hamilton.

When you shop at Leafythings, you can explore available strains from multiple dispensaries. You’re never limited to what’s available down the block, or around the corner - you can even have edibles, oils, concentrates, topicals, extracts, and vape pens delivered. Add a growing variety of accessories and you have everything needed for a relaxing night in, or an exciting night on the town.

Which products are available?

There are a huge number of gorgeous green products available on our website. Whether you are an old school joint smoker, or prefer smoke-free consumption via edibles, you'll have loads to choose from. As well as these basic options, we also have a ride range of concentrates, oils and special strains to satisfy serious pot lovers. In addition, medicinal user will be able to find their favourite products that will effectively assist them in their day to day lives.

Why use a weed delivery service?

There are a few big advantages to ordering your marijuana online. The first is that is absolutely the most convenient way to get your weed, especially if you have a busy lifestyle and struggle to find time to drive all the way out to a dispensary. It's perfect for those rainy weekends when you just want to relax with a beautiful smoke, and don't need any of the added stress. Another reason to use an online service is the massive range of choice that is available. There are loads of brands on Leafythings, and each has tons of green goodness available. You simply don't have this freedom of choice anywhere else.

Hamilton cannabis delivery areas

Weed delivery services drop off products across the whole of Hamilton. Whether you live in the Lower City, around the Mountain, or near the port, you'll be able to order marijuana directly to your door. At Leafythings, we passionately believe that everyone should be able to access high quality cannabis products, wherever you are located. To achieve this, we always work with delivery services who have a great reach across our cities. You'll never find yourself with a dry supply if you start using one of our weed delivery services!


How much weed can I possess in Hamilton?

You can legally possess up to 30 grams of dried weed while in public. That’s about one ounce of product. Each residence may have up to 150 grams at a time, regardless of how many adults live in the home. Always keep your weed out of reach of minors: safekeeping is essential whether you’re in public or at home.

How old do I have to be to buy weed in Hamilton?

Adults at least 19 years old can legally buy weed in Hamilton. When ordering weed for pickup or delivery, the dispensary will verify your age. If you are unable to prove your age, you will not have the option to purchase any cannabis products legally.

How many dispensaries are there in Hamilton?

There are now more than 10 dispensaries in Hamilton and many more in surrounding communities like Burlington. Many only offer in-store or curbside pickup, but some are now offering convenient weed delivery. Leafythings is your direct connection to the best dispensaries ready to deliver.

Where is my nearest dispensary?

Leafythings makes it fast and easy to find the closest Hamilton weed delivery service to your current location. Just click “View Map” to see all dispensaries in our database on a convenient map. We’ll also show some of the best deals on the side panel, allowing you to shop for the best discounts while finding a dispensary close to your location.