Weed Delivery
Guelph, Ontario

Did you know that Guelph has access to some of the highest quality cannabis in Ontario? Here at LeafyThings, we provide listings of trusted, verified weed delivery services and cannabis retailers here in Guelph, giving you access to all the best quality weed you could ever want. Many of these services offer same day delivery service meaning you never have to be left dry ever again.

What to Expect from a Guelph Weed Delivery Company

We currently feature about half a dozen weed delivery services on our website, giving you a healthy amount of choice when it comes to delivery. A few things to consider before ordering are what type of product you want, any positive or negative reviews from other customers, and how quickly you need your product. Some companies here in Guelph offer 1hr free delivery in certain neighborhoods, though that speed could come with a bit of a price increase as well. You may want to consider another service if you can wait for your weed, or can order well in advance. The only other thing you can expect from any LeafyThings weed deliver companies is that you will receive a professional and discrete package with your product conveniently inside.

The Best Selling Products in Guelph

Guelph offers a decent variety of cannabis companies and those who deliver, providing customers a wide variety of products as well. That being said, some of the most popular products in Guelph are typically dried bud, AAA or AAAA flowers from local growers. Popular bud will vary from well known strains such as Pink Kush or OG Kush, but many growers in the area are also growing more boutique strains such as Tuna Kush with THC percentages reaching into the 30s!

If you want to spread your wings outside of dried bud, Guelph cannabis companies are now stocking many other types of products such as chocolate bars and gummies. These infused edibles are very popular, partly due to their potency, but also their tastiness! Shatter Bars are a well known brand of chocolate bars that come in both a Sativa and Indica “flavour” profile. Stoner Patch Gummies are another popular and delicious choice that you can try. Just remember - edibles are much stronger than the flower products!

Will all this information, you should be now well equipped to make a weed delivery order to your lovely Guelph home.