Looking for a creditable weed delivery service in the Ottawa region? With hundreds of listings online, it can be hard to know who to choose. Leafythings strives to provide customers with access to local weed delivery services for both recreational and medicinal use all throughout Ottawa. Our verified vendor listings make it easy for you to find a wide selection of cannabis products from vendors you can trust. When you order weed delivery in Ottawa, your product arrives directly to your home. How orders are placed, however, varies between Ottawa dispensaries. Some have websites where you can browse products and possibly place orders, but others may require a phone call, email, or text message. These factors, as well as hours of operation, can change at any time, since many dispensaries are still in the early phases of growth and development. There are also frequent changes in product lineups and pricing for some dispensaries. As new growers emerge on the scene and established growers explore new strains, there becomes a wider variety of options in Ottawa to get your weed.

The best way to keep up with dispensaries offering cannabis delivery in Ontario is to visit Leafythings. We have our eye on the market, and are committed to updating our dispensary listings whenever we discover new information. Cannabis delivery in Ottawa has never been this easy! You can browse a variety of Ottawa weed delivery services in one convenient place, and even read dispensary reviews left by other buyers. It’s the best way to find the right Ottawa weed delivery solution for your unique needs. Leafythings also allows you to look at products available from different dispensaries, and to compare prices before you place an order. It is important to also remember that price isn’t everything when it comes to weed. Try some dispensaries out to see who has the best quality, as well - reading reviews on our website may give you some clues before you start placing orders.  How Do I Choose the Right Dispensary in Ottawa? There are some questions to ask yourself before you start looking through Ottawa dispensary listings. Your answers to these questions will guide you in finding the best weed delivery service. 1. What types of products are you most likely to buy? Are you interested in the largest selection of dried weed strains possible, or are you more interested in edibles, concentrates, vapes, and topicals? Some dispensaries have a wider variety of weed, while others stock a more impressive list of other products. 2. Do you have a specific weed strain you want to buy? If so, you may need to focus on dispensaries that can meet that specific need. 3. Are you on a tight budget? Some dispensaries are cheaper than others, but keep in mind that quality isn’t the same between dispensaries either. 4. Do you want to experiment with specialty strains? Some dispensaries stock mostly common strains, while others are more adventurous when stocking new strains. The more you experiment with the market, the more selective you may become with your dispensary choices. 5. How important is fast delivery? Some dispensaries offer same day home delivery, while others only offer pickup and mail delivery. 6. How do you want to place your order? Some of the best dispensaries are only taking orders by telephone, email, or text message. You may have fewer choices if you want to order online from a secure website.  With that information in mind, you’re ready to start searching Leafythings to find the right Ottawa weed delivery solution for your individual needs. Whether you’re mostly interested in drinks and baked goods laced with weed, or you enjoy smoking, vaping, or dabbing, there are dispensaries perfect for you, delivering right to your door. Your search for the best weed delivery services in Ottawa starts right here. Tell us what you’re looking for and let our locator offer recommendations in just seconds. We’ll even highlight some of the best deals in Ottawa.  FAQs Where can I find weed 24/7 in Ottawa? Select Ottawa dispensaries are now providing around-the-clock weed delivery; some will also deliver cigarettes, alcohol, and a variety of additional products. Check out the best Ottawa weed delivery services right here on Leafythings - our listings will tell you hours of operation and service areas for delivery for the fastest way to identify dispensaries open 24-hours, and delivering after dark.  Can I get same day weed in Ottawa? Many dispensaries are now offering same day cannabis delivery in Ottawa and surrounding areas. You can get weed at your doorstep when you’re too busy to hit the dispensary, or when you’re unable to get there during service hours. Our directory will speed up the process of identifying the right dispensaries for fast weed delivery in your current location. We also update our listings as new information is released.  How long has weed been legal in Ottawa? Recreational weed was legalized in Ottawa in October, 2018. Prior to that, dispensaries were only permitted to sell marijuana to patients with a valid medical card. The rules have gradually been loosening to allow legal sales of more and more weed products: today, you can buy everything from dried flower to pre-rolled joints, edibles, topicals, and drops at most dispensaries in Ottawa. Accessories are widely available as well.  What is the legal age for buying weed in Ottawa? The legal age to possess, buy, or grow cannabis in Ottawa is 19. Ontario cannabis laws apply to Ottawa, so there are in fact restrictions on how much weed you can carry while in a public place, and how many plants you can grow at home: you can possess up to 30 grams of dried marijuana while in public or an equivalent amount of other weed products. When you’re at home, the limit is 150 grams for all adults in the house combined.