Cornwall is a city located in eastern Ontario known for its landscape featuring beaches, rivers, forests and the world-famous 1000 Islands.

Like many cities in Ontario, Cornwall has recently been faced with a proliferation of weed dispensaries both from inside the city limits and those just outside of town. Residents have welcomed these new businesses to help diversify their local economy, and Leafythings is here to give a boost.

Leafythings is a website designed to help consumers find the best marijuana dispensaries near you along with other related information, including cannabis-friendly doctors, various strains, prices, weed product types, and more.

Our interactive map is a great way to find cannabis dispensaries in your area, and our Deals section is always up-to-date with the latest promotions.

How Do You Order Weed Delivery In Cornwall?

Getting your weed delivered to you can be a big plus if you are too busy or too tired to go out and procure your own cannabis. Depending on the marijuana dispensary, orders placed online will either be ready for pick-up at their location within minutes, or they will be delivered straight to your doorstep within an hour or two.

Before you order marijuana delivery in Cornwall, you need to know a few things. For one, visit our interactive map to make sure you've seen all the options. You also want to be aware of the fact that cannabis dispensaries only carry certain products and weed strains from specific brands as dictated by their supplier.

How To Choose The Best Dispensary in Cornwall

On top of having an extensive selection of marijuana products, some marijuana dispensaries offer incentives for their customers. Some in the form of a loyalty program, while others in the form of a rewards system where you earn points every time you shop there.

You're going to have to visit a few cannabis dispensaries before settling on one that you prefer. Just because one weed dispensary has a better deal than another doesn't mean they have the best product for you or stellar customer service.

Which Dispensaries Are Available In Cornwall

Due to its proximity to big cities like Ottawa and Montreal, cannabis dispensaries in Cornwall are not hard to come by. However, like any business, the quality and services offered can vary greatly from one marijuana dispensary to another.

The following is a list of stores that are available in Cornwall and that we recommend:

●     Shiny Bud Cannabis Co. 410 Montreal

●     True North Cannabis Co.

●     Pot Of Gold

●     Groove cannabis Co.

●     Canna Cabana

●     Smoke Signals

FAQ Section

1. How old should you be to order weed in Cornwall?

As per Canadian law, the minimum age to purchase medical and recreational marijuana is 18 years of age or 19, depending on where you live in Canada. In the case of Cornwall, the age is set at 19.

2. How much is a gram of weed in Cornwall?

A gram is the smallest possible denomination of marijuana, and prices vary from shop to shop as well as the strain. On average, you can expect to pay $5-$13 per gram depending on the quality of weed and quantity bought.

3. What are other legal restrictions?

In addition to the minimum age, there are other restrictions in place when it comes to cannabis in Cornwall. For example, you cannot smoke or vape cannabis in public places and cannot drive while under the influence of marijuana.

4. Where is it possible to smoke weed in Cornwall?

It is not possible to smoke weed in public areas. However, if you live on private property like a rented apartment or house where smoking is allowed, feel free to smoke as you please, as long as it's on the balcony.