love how they can customize the mix-and-match deal at any weight level. I always get to try something new on every order
Tom McGreygor, 4 days ago
Mix and match deal is my go-to deal, try their pink morphin for the 1st time and falling in love since then
Tom Hassle 3, 7 months ago
Watch out for the sweet buzz gummy. It is strong, but I REALLY love it
Adam Chuck, 7 months ago
not a frequent customer but whenever I need a small amount, they always throw in free gift.
Tom Hassle, 7 months ago
Everyone should have this guy contact in your phone. You will need it. I just like how i can text them and receive my order i... Read more
William1111, 7 months ago
great deals every day. always check their promotion for surprise stuff
dotdot, 8 months ago
combo BOGO and $10 off daily is something nice
Dot Dot, 8 months ago
got my first mail order from them after 2 days order. package is nice and not damage
Eason, 8 months ago
first time trying GSC and it is good. flower are sticky
Khai, 8 months ago
Bogert Tom, 8 months ago
David Tickels, 8 months ago
fast delivery even though I use the GTA10 discount, very legit seller, love them
MapleJohn, 9 months ago