** 5 STAR* Death Mints - Indica - $250 Oz Sale WiserBudto - Toronto | Toronto (West)

** 5 STAR* Death Mints - Indica - $250 Oz Sale WiserBudto - Toronto | Toronto (West)

Type ( Accessory | Flower )

Type ( Accessory | Flower )

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THC: 28-30%
Genetics: Indica
Product Description

Type: Hybrid (Indica 75%; Sativa 25%)

THC Content: 28-30+%

Flavours:  Pungent, Gassy, Sweet, Minty undertones, touch of Pine

Effects: Potent, Hard Hitting, Euphoric body highh, Super Relaxing, Numbing Couch Lock

Medical: Stress, Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety

Death Mints from TrichomeFC. A fantastic pairing of Death Bubba x Animal Mints combine to produce these dense, resinous, sticky buds. She presents different hues of green that are complimented by indigo coloured sugar leaf and fiery orange pistils. All topped off with a milky layer of greasy trichomes that fill every crevice. The cure is right on point and the weed literally rolls itself in a joint as it clings to the paper.

The aroma/flavour profile on this flower is actually perfectly matched to it's name and lineage. It's all Death Bubba at first with pungent aromas of gas that are quickly met with sweet, minty undertones and a touch of pine......

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