Getting a good night's sleep can be challenging for many of us. Lucky for you, it's not uncommon. In fact, a Canadian statistic reported an average sleep duration of 7.2 hours, with 25% reporting trouble going to sleep or staying asleep most or all of the time. With the rise of tossers and turners and sleeping disorders, the interest in Cannabis to aid these challenges has become more prominent in the past few years. Despite the legalization of Cannabis for medicinal purposes in 2001, Cannabis remains a controversial cure for some because of potential drawbacks. 

However, many members of the Cannabis community reap the positive sleep-inducing benefits of the potent flower, with little to no side effects. Medicinal marijuana is known to aid those who suffer from chronic pain and mental health issues while promoting relaxation from a holistic and scientific standpoint. Whether you're struggling with acquiring a healthy sleep schedule or having difficulty winding down from a stressful day, the analgesic properties of marijuana may be the solution to your sleep deprivation issues. 


The Relationship between Cannabis and Sleep 

For some cannabis users, it takes a couple of puffs of potent strains, such as Indica, to feel anti-anxiety, stimulating, and relaxation properties. However, if smoking isn't your cup of tea, there is a vast selection of cannabis products and strains that can be tailored to your preference and the level of insomnia you're dealing with. 

For starters, the different strains of marijuana hold various characteristics. Depending on the selected strain, some can energize and provide focus or a stimulating effect, such as sedation. To help you choose the right strain of Cannabis to aid your sleep deprivation issues, it's essential to understand the 101's of marijuana and its relationship with sleep. The various effects of marijuana are due to the unique characteristics of different cannabinoids. Two which you'll often see in our products: 

Cannabidiol (CBD): A cannabinoid with many health properties without the high-sensation because it's classified as non-psychoactive. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): A psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the 'high' sensation. 

Cannabis consumers looking to acquire sleep-inducing properties from marijuana usually gravitate toward strains that carry THC. While THC works as a sedative, according to a study last year, cannabis products or flowers containing higher strains of THC are known to have a stimulating, dose-dependent effect on sleep because it acts on the nervous system's receptors. On the other hand, non-psychoactive CBD appears to promote alertness at lower doses and sleepiness at higher doses. THC products are recommended if you're solely looking for a cure to put you in a sleepy slumber.

Does Cannabis Affect Your Sleep Quality?

While Cannabis has sleep-inducing benefits that can make you fall asleep faster, Cannabis can alter the structure of your sleep. For short-term cannabis users, the use of Cannabis may have the ability to increase the time that you're in a deep sleep, which provides therapeutic benefits to your body.

If you're a bit of a dreamer, Cannabis that has THC can decrease rapid eye movement (REM.) So what does that mean? You will spend less time dreaming, which can benefit those with PTSD since nightmares are common. According to the sleep foundation, REM is associated with dreaming and memory consolidation. In a state of REM, your brain is hyperactive. Triggering your eyes to move rapidly when they're closed increases your heart rate and makes breathing irregular, disrupting your mood the next day when you're awake. 

However, REM is essential and responsible for immune and cognitive function. Long-term usage of Cannabis products with higher levels could disrupt the quality of your sleep. It's vital to seek professional health advice from a health practitioner to ensure that using Cannabis to aid your sleeping problems suits you. 


Cannabis strains

Now that we covered the scientific benefits of Cannabis, let's get into the different strains that might be the right fit for your sleeping problems. 

Indica: The characteristics of India are known to provide a soothing and relaxing effect, which often promotes sleepiness. Cannabis users prefer to use indica for sleep, pain management, and relaxation. 

Sativa: Often popularized by the Cannabis community as the happy blend, the characteristics of sativa are known to provide energizing, more stimulating, and euphoric effects. 

Hybrid: A combination of Indica and Sativa strains. 

Cannabis users with sleep deprivation often gravitate towards a heady indica for its relaxation effect. Still, research shows that users who have PTSD might prefer sativa to mitigate nightmares during sleep. In comparison, hybrid strains can provide unique characteristics depending on the ingredients and the amount of cannabinoids. Choosing the right strain is subjective, depending on the cannabis user experience. A Harvard-trained physician, Dr. Jordan Tishler, recommends a strain with less than 20 percent THC; anything more than that can promote grogginess or the feeling of exhaustion in the morning. 

Ways to take Cannabis for a satisfying slumber

Many Cannabis users ingest marijuana traditionally by smoking it through a pipe, vape pen, bong, or classic rolling papers. For those who want to maintain a smoke-free environment or good lung health, some other excellent ways to enjoy the relaxing benefits of Cannabis is through tinctures or edibles. To find the proper dosage, starting small and gradually building yourself way up is the best way to experiment while finding a dosage suitable for you. 


Deciding if the usage of Cannabis for sleep is suitable for you.

As mentioned, finding the perfect dosage balance to improve your quality is through trial and error and varies per user. Many cannabis users can successfully aid their sleep deprivation and manage pain with marijuana products, while others may react differently, making them feel more anxious or paranoid. Not all sleeping aids work the same way for everyone. If the high sensation isn't for you, a CBD product might be a better option to improve your sleep quality. 

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