On June 3rd, Woodbine Park in Toronto transformed into a hub of music and cannabis culture as the Boiler Room had its last stop at its world tour in Toronto!  Among the captivating performers and vibrant stages and exhibitions, Leafythings made its mark with an exciting activation featuring the iconic #LeafyVan and an exclusive giveaway of free #LeafySwag. Join us as we take a closer look at this remarkable event, its diverse lineup of performers, and the immersive experiences offered by Leafythings at Boiler Room. 


There was an exceptional lineup of talented artists across three stages, each with a unique vibe. From mesmerizing electronic beats to afro-beats and more, Boiler Room delivered an unforgettable musical experience. Among the performers who graced the stages were AADJA, AQ, Authentically Plastic, Bonobo, Cobrah, Dj Kwamzy, Debby Friday, Etapp Kyle, G L O W Z I, Hangaelle, Jasmine Infiniti, Jessy Lanza, Milch, Miles Freedom Minzi Roberta, Parishanthonyy, Playgirl, Shygirl, and Zorza. This diverse range of artists contributed to the festival's eclectic atmosphere. 


Of course, the #LeafyVan was amidst the bustling festival grounds. The #LeafyVan symbolized Leafythings' commitment to the cannabis community and creating awareness for a safer cannabis community. Decked out in cannabis leaves and eye-catching branding, the #LeafyVan became an iconic focal point, attracting curious festival-goers and allowing them to receive the best photo-ops inside the #LeafyVan.

Leafythings delighted attendees with a generous giveaway of free #LeafySwag. Festival-goers had the opportunity to score some dope swag including t-shirts, hats, stickers, and more, showcasing their support for Leafythings and adding a flair to their festival outfits.

Boiler Room at Woodbine Park in Toronto truly celebrated music, culture, and cannabis. The #LeafyVan and the free #LeafySwag added an extra layer of excitement and appreciation for the festival-goers. As attendees revelled in the performances by a diverse lineup of talented artists across the festival's three stages, Leafythings provided an immersive experience to these festival-goers. We look forward to our next event where we will continue to deliver the best experiences. 

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