It's an exciting day for New York City as a unique and new cannabis dispensary, NYC Bud, officially opens its doors in Long Island City. But what sets this dispensary apart from the rest? Picture this: a licensed recreational cannabis haven with a New York subway transit theme, complete with a life-sized subway car featuring moving doors that you can actually step inside.

Located at 4445 Vernon Boulevard, NYC Bud is Long Island City's first recreational dispensary. The iconic MTA subway stations inspire the interior, featuring vintage benches, authentic subway signs, and even graffiti from the classic '80s artists that once left their mark on the city's underground canvases.

As proud native New Yorkers, the minds behind NYC Bud recognize the subway as the heartbeat of the city, the lifeline that keeps the Big Apple bustling 24/7. Jonpaul Pezzo, the owner and operator of NYC Bud, shares, “Transit is an obvious inspiration for our store, and we’ve designed it in a way that not only tells the story of New York but will also encourage people to hop on the subway and spend time at NYC Bud, even just to take a photo.”

NYC Bud promises a diverse selection of high-quality cannabis products from some of the city's most beloved brands. Whether you're into flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, or accessories, NYC Bud, has you covered. Explore top brands such as Dank, Zizzle, MFNY, Ruby Farms, Good Times, Chef for Higher, and Plug N Play offerings.

NYC Bud aims to be more than just a place to purchase cannabis; it plans to be a hub for events, celebrity appearances, and cutting-edge AI technology within the store.

In addition to NYC Bud's flagship dispensary at 4445 Vernon Boulevard, they also conveniently provide delivery services to various neighbourhoods across New York. Whether you're in Greenpoint BK, Queens, Manhattan, Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, or Midtown, you can enjoy our diverse selection of high-quality cannabis products delivered right to your doorstep. For more details on delivery options and to place your order, visit NYC Bud’s listing on Leafythings or follow NYC Bud on Instagram