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Smooth taste smooth business smooth movements leggooo Hydro Green!! ☮️
Gas Gang Bang Bong , 1 week ago
Respect this Goat brand in Ontario 🙏👍
24-7PomelianFrenchie, 2 weeks ago
Super professional at it best, keep up the good work guys!!!
Jayson Mack1992, 2 weeks ago
Excellent quality and great service!!!
Lexy Evons, 2 weeks ago
Easy to order and very professional, best price on bulk order.
DereckLP, 2 weeks ago
Good company and great service across Ontario!!
Envy 613, 2 weeks ago
Straight forward with this service and easy to order bulk 👍
DerimMT, 3 weeks ago
Got my supplies today sir, Thank you the team and your service.
Kingston Gas, 2 months ago
Really good products brand and they have a strong team in Ottawa.
Vivian Shea, 2 months ago
hydro green is a awesome company i order quite often and they treat there customers fair and there bud quality is amazing tha... Read more, 3 months ago
Got my supply package today thank you boss for your professional service.
Gasman819, 3 months ago
Keep tat gas ⛽️ coming sir, thank you team for your organized work.
KingGas, 4 months ago


HYDRO GREEN home of the Beautiful British Columbia**BC BRICK** OFFICIAL BRAND.

We're based in OTTAWA ONTARIO, Over 20yrs in the Cannabis industry ever since weed a.k.a CANNABIS still illegal. licensed farmers from BBC (beautiful Bristish Columbia) West Coast, Hydro Green is known as farmer from low maintland east Vancouver to west Vancouver (Richmond). We work with farmers from SURREY, LANGLEY, ABBOTSFORD, CHILLIWACK AND TO THE HIGH VALLEY KELOWNA OF B.C.



for wholesale flowers and other products from B.C please contact us. (Call or Text to 613-614-2889)


Visit our Website for more selections.