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Our directory is always up to date, and features the best Alberta cannabis dispensaries for recreational and medicinal weed. With more than 500 Alberta dispensary locations approved in 2020 and hundreds following, Alberta is leading Canada in cannabis product sales. Whether you want to buy cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, or CBD oil, you have an enormous selection available for mail-order, delivery, or in-person pickup.

Leafythings makes it easy to compare products and prices between a variety of local and online marijuana dispensary locations. Provide basic information about what you want to find, and we can recommend some of the most suitable cannabis dispensaries Alberta has to offer.

What Can You Buy in Cannabis Dispensaries in Alberta?

Dry flower isn't the only product available today at cannabis dispensaries throughout Alberta. You will also find oils, capsules, seeds, edibles, and pre-rolls. This selection allows you to consume weed in a variety of ways, ranging from smoking and vaping to dabbing and snacking on deliciously sweet or savory treats. You can also purchase accessories from a weed dispensary, which ensures you have everything you need to enjoy the product.

Most Alberta cannabis dispensaries carry a wide selection of dry flower. That includes classic strains that you may have enjoyed for years as well as new Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Leafythings highlights a variety of sales, discounts, and deals that are perfect for trying something new from time to time.


How old do you have to be to visit a weed dispensary in Alberta?

The legal age to buy and possess weed in Alberta is 18. Minors under this age are prohibited from entering any dispensary in Alberta, even when accompanied by an adult.

How much does marijuana cost in Alberta?

In August 2021, the average price for one gram of marijuana from a Canadian dispensary ranged from $9 to $12, depending on quality. You may notice price differences between the government-operated online marijuana dispensary and many privately owned retail weed dispensaries.

How can you buy weed in Alberta?

You can buy weed from hundreds of privately owned cannabis dispensaries located throughout Alberta. The private retail stores are authorized to take orders online, but they cannot deliver or ship products.

How much weed can you buy from a dispensary?

All Alberta dispensary locations are capped at sales up to 30 grams. That's due to laws that make it illegal for adults to carry more than that amount outside of their private homes. Cannabis oil sales are limited to a comparable amount.