Canada's marijuana industry is booming, and with it, Leafythings is here to help you find the best cannabis dispensaries in Bowmanville! With over 1,000 pot shops in Canada, it can be hard to find the best source for weed. That's why Leafythings is here to provide you with the answers.

We know that there are many reasons residents of Bowmanville consider when choosing their local dispensary. While some people like the social experience of buying weed, others seek convenience and quality cannabis products without leaving home.

Using Leafythings, you can filter through hundreds of options quickly by targeting specific brands, product types, services, or locations, to tailor every order to match your needs.

The cannabis world has evolved far past the days of dried weed and spliffs. The best marijuana dispensaries Bowmanville has to offer now carry a full range of products, such as:

Marijuana Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have a THC concentration of around 70-90%, giving the user a quick and powerful high. Concentrate formulations can include hash, wax, shatter, budder or oils, all of which are made by extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.


Cannabis edibles come in every imaginable flavour and taste, such as vegan brownies or gummy bears, and can be a convenient way to take your medication. However, remember that they take a long time to have an effect, so it's important not to overindulge.


CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that can treat many things from anxiety to epilepsy, but unlike THC, it will not get you high. If you are interested in supplementing your pot-smoking with CBD products, make sure to inform your budtender when ordering at Bowmanville weed dispensaries.

Smoking Accessories

Bowmanville marijuana dispensaries also carry a range of traditional smoking accessories, such as pipes, bongs, and grinders, but also stock up on the new generation of weed paraphernalia.

Dab rigs are highly popular, while electric nails and e-nails quickly become the new way to smoke concentrates. Vaporizers are also a popular choice for Bowmanville residents looking to quit smoking the traditional way.

FAQ Section

1. How many weed stores are in Bowmanville?

Ontario is the number one province in terms of dispensaries, but there are currently fewer than 10 cannabis dispensaries located in Bowmanville. Don't worry - we expect more to pop up soon! In the meantime, if you need a product that is not in Bowmanville, feel free to look around for neighbouring cities, or mail-order.

2. Is weed legal in Bowmanville?

Yes, Canada legalized marijuana in 2018. Residents of Bowmanville can now purchase weed legally,, provided they respect the maximum weight limits for possession. As of now, the legal limit is 30 grams.

3. How old should you be to buy weed in Bowmanville?

You must be of legal age to buy weed, so you need to be 19 years old in Ontario. Every cannabis dispensary will ask for a photo ID before buying weed in Bowmanville.