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What's the first question any weed consumer asks when they visit a new city, or plan to move to a new area?

"Where are the dispensaries?"

No matter whether you're planning a move to Shannonville, Ontario, or you're just planning to visit for a while, it's important to make sure you have a "go to" dispensary to supply you with your favorite cannabis products during your stay.

Ratings are important, of course, but it's your individual experience that truly matters. Try out a few of the marijuana dispensaries Shannonville has to offer, and stick with the one that meets your unique needs.

How to Buy Weed Online from Dispensaries in Shannonville

For people in many countries, buying weed online is either difficult or impossible - the laws in these countries prohibit the online sale of cannabis.

In Canada, though, things are quite different. Any Canadian resident or visitor whok meets minimum age and other requirements can legally purchase cannabis at any licensed dispensary in the country.

Not all dispensaries offer online ordering, but many do. Typically, their websites will allow you to browse product categories and read individual product descriptions, then choose the ones you want and complete the ordering process right from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

The process of buying weed online is quite simple - if you've ever done any online shopping before, you won't have any problems with the process.

When you're completing checkout, you'll probably need to decide if you want to go to the dispensary to pick up your order, or if you'd rather have it delivered right to your home or other location.

Of course, delivery is more convenient - especially if you're on a tight schedule or cannot leave your home - but it may also cost you more in delivery charges and driver gratuities.

One important point to remember - in Canada, you can only purchase and transport up to 30 grams of cannabis at a time. In most cases, this isn't a problem, but if you're looking for a larger amount, you will need to place multiple orders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many weed stores are in Shannonville?

Shannonville is fortunate to have 5 licensed, fully operational dispensaries. All of the dispensaries in Shannonville offer online ordering and delivery - typically in an hour or two.

Is weed legal in Shannonville?

Under Canada law, cannabis is legal to purchase, consume, and transport, subject to limits set by provincial or national law. In Shannonville, you can store an unlimited amount of weed in your home, and grow up to 4 plants at a time. Still, you can only transport 3 grams at any one time.

How old should you be to buy weed in Shannonville?

Canadian law stipulates that the minimum age to purchase cannabis in any province must be at least 18; however, provinces can choose a higher minimum age. Ontario added one year to this minimum limit, so you must be at least 19 to purchase weed in Shannonville.