If you're new to the town of Deseronto, or you're planning a visit there, one of the first questions you'll want to know is where to restock your cannabis supplies. Because Canada is known for producing exceptional weed, consumers can find high-quality products in numerous areas of the country, including Deseronto.

Unlike some of the larger towns and cities in Ontario, you won't find a wide selection of dispensaries to choose from. When it comes to cannabis dispensaries, Deseronto only has one - The Weed Store. This, of course, qualifies The Weed Store as the best marijuana dispensary in Deseronto.

Despite the lack of weed dispensaries, Deseronto residents and visitors may be able to use a delivery service in nearby Kingston, about 58 km away, called Weed Delivery Kingston. This business does not specifically include Deseronto in its delivery territory, but it does include this town in its targeted online marketing territory.

Most Popular Marijuana Products in Deseronto

As in most areas of Canada, flower is king. As a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary, Deseronto The Weed Store offers a wide range of freshly dried flower, kept at optimal humidity to ensure a great smoking experience.

The only marijuana dispensary in Deseronto offers sativa strains, which tend to make users feel physically energized and mentally clear. These strains are favored by creative people and others who want the benefits of cannabis but need to stay active.

The Weed Store also offers indica strains, which tend to produce heavy feelings in your body - many people refer to this state of relaxation as "couchlock." Many consumers choose indica strains for insomnia relief.

You'll also find hybrid strains, which offer effects somewhere between indica couchlock and sativa head-highs.

Other favorite products include edibles - particularly gummies and chocolates - and vape cartridges. Convenient vape cartridges let you get a quick burst of THC without the smoke and smell of lighting a traditional joint or bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many weed stores are in Deseronto?

When it comes to marijuana dispensaries, Deseronto isn't filled with options like many towns and cities in Canada. There is just one marijuana dispensary Deseronto residents and travelers can visit in this town - The Weed Store. Unfortunately, The Weed Store does not have a website.

Is weed legal in Deseronto?

Weed has been legal in Deseronto since the passage of Canada's Cannabis Act in 2018. Residents and visitors who are of legal age can buy cannabis for medical or recreational use in Deseronto.

Keep in mind that there are limits on how much you can buy, possess, and transport - dispensary purchases and personal supplies must be limited to 30 grams of dried flower. Inside your home, though, there is no restriction on how much weed you can legally possess.

How old should you be to buy weed in Deseronto?

Here's something you need to understand before you start visiting area weed dispensaries - Deseronto follows Ontario provincial law when it comes to the minimum age for legally purchasing, transporting, and consuming cannabis.

The Cannabis Act of 2018 authorizes provinces to set any minimum age over 18. Ontario chose to raise this minimum age by one year. This means that you need to be at least 19 to legally buy weed in Deseronto.