The marijuana industry is booming in Canada, but it can be challenging to find the best one with so many dispensaries to choose from. With nearly 15 dispensaries to choose from near and around Sudbury, it can be hard to determine which one is best for you. However, thanks to Leafythings, that decision just got a little easier.

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Interesting Facts about Sudbury

Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario and home to nearly 165,000 residents. Located in the Greater Sudbury northeast of Toronto, it's home to many nationalities, including French, English, Scottish, Native Canadian and more.

Sudbury is known as a mining city where nickel was discovered in 1883, and mining quickly became the primary economic activity for decades until its decline after World War II. The city continued to grow after the mining industry collapsed, and is now one of Canada's most desirable places to live.

There's never a dull moment in Sudbury, with multiple great activities to choose from, from going on a hike, to going to the movies, or going shopping.

What Can You Buy From Dispensaries In Sudbury?

Before diving into the different dispensaries that you can find in Sudbury, you must know what it is you're looking for. You can buy several different high THC or CBD products, which differ in their effects.

Although most people think of marijuana in the form of flowers, there are many other products that you can purchase at dispensaries. When it comes to flowers, there are three kinds you need to know about:

Indica - Known for its relaxing effects, Indica is often recommended in the treatment of anxiety.

Sativa - Sativa is known to be uplifting and energetic. It's great for daytime use when you're active, as it leaves you feeling positive and motivated to get things done.

Hybrid - Hybrid refers to a strain that contains both indica and sativa properties. They're usually suitable for both day and night use, depending on how they are prone to make you feel.

Extract and Concentrates

You might have heard the term "dabbing" or "wax," often used to refer to concentrates. Concentrates are high in THC, with some having up to 90% of the psychoactive compound.

It's important to note that the words extracts and concentrates are not interchangeable. Extracts are made by extracting THC from the plant through chemical processes, while concentrates are created by naturally compressing or dissolving marijuana leaves.


Edibles are a type of food that has been infused with THC. They typically contain a lower amount of THC since it's more difficult to extract but can still be quite potent. Edibles affect you more slowly than smoking and typically last for 4-6 hours.

They are an ideal solution for cancer patients who can't smoke marijuana, but they're also a great choice for anyone who likes to snack.


Topicals are another popular product that you can find at dispensaries. They typically contain CBD, the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana that doesn't make you feel "high." This means it's ideal for people who want the medical benefits of marijuana but don't want the recreational effects.

Topicals are typically used on the skin externally, and are absorbed through the skin to provide relief for both pain and inflammation. You can also use them on your face for anti-ageing benefits.


Another product that won't get you high is CBD. Although it lacks THC, it's still a valuable way to manage pain and other conditions.

CBD can be found in oil form and capsules for those who don't want to taste it, or smoke it with their marijuana. If you're looking for a more effective treatment for your condition, CBD is a great choice.

What Are The Pros Of Using Leafythings For Weed Shopping?

Leafythings is proud to be the number one platform for Canadians who are looking to find dispensaries. We believe in supplying our users with all of the information they need, which is why you can filter results based on location, distance, or delivery options.

You'll also receive updates about new dispensaries that come online in your area. It's always great to know where your next dispensary visit will be.

At Leafythings, Ottawa residents can enjoy coupons for dispensaries that give you discounts to use on your next order. Buying marijuana online initially gained its popularity due to weekly deals and unbeatable prices. Don't miss out and stay in the loop with Leafythings.

We also offer a doctor locator, which is great for finding a physician to provide them with a medical marijuana card. This isn't needed to shop at dispensaries, but many people like knowing that they can see doctors if necessary.

Community-Based Verification

When browsing our platform, you'll find reviews for each dispensary location. These are left by real users who can leave a public review for everyone to see. You won't have to worry about fake reviews here, as we conduct a business that's trustworthy and reliable.

Other things you'll find include menus (shop-specific strains and prices), product images, and general information, such as hours of operation and customer service details.

FAQ Section

1. How many weed stores are in Sudbury?

There are at least 15 dispensaries in and out of Sudbury, and that's not counting the dozens of mail-order Marijuana stores that ship cannabis products.

2. Is weed legal in Sudbury?

Since October 17, 2018, it is legal to use and possess cannabis in Canada. You can grow up to 4 plants per household, carry up to 30 grams on you, and share with other adults.

3. How old should you be to buy weed in Sudbury?

You have to be 19+ to purchase marijuana, which applies to the rest of the province as well.