UPDATE – Ontario Cannabis Store Retail Store Closure Support Program.

Leafythings Canada is pleased to announce the early success of its retail store closure support program. Helping struggling store owners maintain integrity during a difficult time, while at the same time ensuring the safe and responsible sale of cannabis has been our top priority.

To date Leafythings has assisted with the closure of four retail store operations within Ontario, while at the same time repurposing and sharing these products in our experiential give-aways. Getting great regulated cannabis products to great cannabis consumers has been an amazing experience. We have been able to share and give away cannabis to consenting adults as per the guidelines of the cannabis control act.

Retailers who enter the program must follow the stringent retail sales limits per person, as per the Cannabis Control Act. We have assembled an intra-provincial task force whose job it is to wind down a retail store’s inventory through compliant purchases at the point-of-sale system to ensure the integrity of the retailer’s space.

Leafything’s participating Licensed Producers and regulated brands have really latched on to the incredible opportunity that this program has enabled, to be able to reach out to the consumer in an unconventional way. When LP’s and brands heard that we could execute this program in a compliant manner, they were excited. All of the entrepreneurs who have participated in the program were extremely thankful that at the end of the day, these great products were going to get to the consumer which is why they entered the cannabis industry in the first place.

We look forward to working with our partners, retailers and government to create a safe and responsible cannabis industry that we can be proud of