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Situated on Vancouver Island's east coast, Courtenay is one of British Columbia's safest places to live, and it offers the very best weed delivery service available. Leafythings are working with the very top cultivators and brands to ensure you have access to every strain of the highest quality cannabis. Our vandors offer a massive range of products aims to please everyone, and our mission is to make weed available to all - not just the traditional bud smokers.

Courtenay’s innovative approach to weed delivery is composed of an appealing blend of convenience and culture. Not only has purchasing weed been growing increasingly popular by the year, but you can get it fast, too!

The sheer number of cannabis dispensaries near Courtenay is stunning. With over 15 different businesses to choose from, finding where to buy marijuana in Courtenay couldn't be simpler. With Leafythings, you'll be able to access information on all of them at once so you can compare prices and products easily.

By entering your postal code, you'll find a list of all the cannabis dispensaries near you that are open for business. With this new information, it’s easy to browse through your options and decide which works best for you.

Take advantage of brand new services like local weed delivery and mail-order marijuana - Leafythings makes it easy with our simple locator tool.

Advantages of Buying Cannabis Online

Buying weed online couldn't be more straightforward - with just a few clicks you can be well on the way to receiving your perfect package. By buying weed online, you are getting all of the benefits without leaving the house. You may think that the extra delivery will cost you loads more, but it really is worth it. With most delivery ranging between $10 and $20 - close to what you'd pay when travelling to a traditional vendor - the extra convenience is well worth the small drop-off cost!

Another great reason to shop online, is the fantastic catalog of products we offer. Anything you could ever want is listed in front of you, to give you great inspiration each time you visit! Our meticulously catalogued products are always being refreshed and updated, so that you're never far from the best available products when you shop with Leafythings

What Products can I Buy?

When it comes to supplies, we have everything from flowers and buds for the traditional joint smokers, edibles, and candies for those of you with a sweet tooth. We also have drops that you can add to your coffee, giving you that relaxing kick to start your day right. Weed shouldn't just be exclusive for the smokers - and we want to please everyone with our wide range of excellent products. Cannabis should be accessible to all, not only the selected few.

With hash, drops, vapes, CBD, cookies, candies, and toiletries all on offer, we have truly got the goods for you. Why don't you pick up some of your favorite products today, and enter the world of online weed delivery in Courtenay! We know you won't be disappointed.

Interesting Facts About Courtenay

Courtenay is a small town with a big presence in British Columbia. Its marijuana culture is thriving, and for a good reason! Tourists from all over the world come to see the many natural wonders this town has to offer. 

Courtenay is also known for its warm climate; there are many beaches near the city for visitors to relax during the summer months. Furthermore, Courtenay is home to an impressive variety of local wildlife, including deer, grizzly bears and black bears.

How Many Kinds Of Weed Products Can I Find In Courtenay?

As new and innovative kinds of weed delivery in Courtenay continue to emerge, it can be difficult to keep track of what's being offered. Luckily, Leafythings has done the work for you.

The most common types of marijuana products in Courtenay are:

●     Dried marijuana flowers

●     Weed concentrates (shatter, oil, resin)

●     Cannabis edibles

●     Marijuana topicals

●     Vape cartridges

●     CBD products

What Are The Most Popular Dispensaries in Courtenay?

Herb and Smoke Cannabis shop is one of the most popular marijuana dispensaries in the area. What started as a smoke shop selling urban glass pieces and paraphernalia has grown into a prominent weed dispensary in Courtenay.

By offering marijuana from multiple different growers, Herb and Smoke Cannabis ensures that you're getting the best quality for every product, not to mention the staff at Herb and Smoke, who are courteous and always willing to help.

FAQ Section

1. How much does weed cost in Courtenay?

The average price for an eighth of cannabis (3.5g) in Courtenay is about $30. However, be sure to shop around, as prices can vary depending on the weed dispensary and the strain. Also, some stores have rotating deals that vary their prices every week or so.

2. Where is it legal to have weed in Courtenay?

Possession of up to 30 grams (1 oz) in Courtenay is legal for medical and recreational marijuana purposes. If you're carrying less than that, you're good to go! Keep in mind that it is illegal to smoke weed in some public places in Courtenay.

3. What is the legal age to have weed in Courtenay?

In order to purchase weed from a dispensary in Courtenay, you must be 19 years or older. Most dispensaries will ask you for a form of proof before selling you any product. It is also illegal to help a minor acquire cannabis in any way.

4. Are there 24 hour dispensaries in Courtenay?

Very few cannabis dispensaries operate 24 hours a day in Canada, with most closing up shops between 5 p.m and 8 p.m. The latest closing marijuana store in Courtenay is Greenstar Cannabis, which shuts its doors at 10 p.m.