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Are you planning to visit  Ingersoll, Ontario for pleasure or work? If so, you probably know that Ingersoll is an excellent destination for those who want modern conveniences, but also want to be far away from major metropolitan areas.

Just because you’re looking for a simpler way of life, though, doesn’t mean you want to go without the cannabis you want or need.

Fortunately, area dispensaries and Ingersoll weed delivery services can help ensure that you have access to the cannabis you want, no matter whether you prefer shopping in store or online.

Leafythings makes it easy to find and shop for products in Ingersoll. You can even order online and have your products delivered right to your door.

Interesting facts about Ingersoll

Although agriculture plays a significant part in the tourism draws of many Canadian cities and towns, Ingersoll’s unique claim to fame is its Cheese and Agricultural museum, which offers visitors a glimpse into the history of cheesemaking in Ontario.

How many kinds of product can I find in Ingersoll?

Like most consumers in Canada, you probably have tried dried flower or a vape cartridge. There’s much more to cannabis, though - Ingersoll weed delivery services and dispensaries offer a seemingly endless array of products, each introducing you to a new side of  cannabis. Concentrates, edibles, and THC capsules are just a few of the options to explore.

What are the most popular dispensaries in Ingersoll?

While there are several dispensaries and Ingersoll weed delivery services are available to cater to recreational and medicinal users, many people hesitate to name a favorite. The best weed delivery services Ingersoll has to offer, though, tend to be the ones that offer daily discounts, a wide selection of products, and fact, efficient service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does weed cost in Ingersoll?

There is no “average” cost for cannabis delivery Ingersoll residents and visitors pay for weed - prices depend on several factors - type of product, potency, and several others. Generally, though, you can expect to pay between $7 and $13 per gram. Buying in larger quantities can save you money, but remember that you can only legally purchase 30 grams at a time.

Where is it legal to have weed in Ingersoll?

If you are an adult of legal age, you can possess up to 30 grams of dried flower or equivalent at a time in most public open places. You can also use cannabis in many outdoor public spaces, but smoking in public buildings is restricted to designated areas. Of course, you are free to smoke weed in your residence.

What is the legal age to have weed in Ingersoll?

The Cannabis Act of 2018 tasked individual provinces with determining the minimum age for cannabis consumption. Most provinces, including Ontario, have set the minimum age at 19. Thus, you must be 19 to legally possess weed in Ingersoll.

Are there 24 hour dispensaries in Ingersoll? 

In many Canadian cities, late-night service is hard to find, let alone 24/7 service. In Ingersoll, though, there are delivery services that operate 24 hours a day. Even if you realize you’re out of weed at 2AM, you can still order online or by phone and replenish your stash within just a couple of hours.