Even though it was late they are always very nice helpfull and provide fast good service thank you very much.
RyRy2022, 1 year ago
Great place to order from with amazing quality.
chapinita07@gmail.com, 2 years ago
A friend with weed is a good friend indeed. The guys are my best pals! πŸ˜‹πŸ’¨
Bingwater, 2 years ago
Hottest grab a in the city And u know the weed is pressure
TonyBandz, 2 years ago
Fast delivery top of the line quality friendly people
Wailun9, 2 years ago
KK51, 2 years ago
2nd time grabbing was better then the first. Only going to them from now on
Thanh1102, 3 years ago
looked and smoked good like a designer bag, even better in my opinion and im not easily impressed.
sharon416, 3 years ago