Had to leave a 5 star review after the service I received. From the initial call confirming my order to the driver giving reg... Read more
Stephaneilly, 1 month ago
There was a little mix up with my order but all was resolved in a short phone call. I definitely would order from them again... Read more
Chrunda, 1 month ago
Flower is the best you can currently smoke on the market, easily.. delivery was perfect, easy, and quick. What more could you... Read more
Mudreau, 1 month ago
The Quality was great, the people are very nice and respectful along with great service, thank you for being there for me and... Read more
Georaxley, 1 month ago
Customer service was great. The dispatch was fast and efficient and made my experience very easy. Drivers were very friendly.... Read more
lovako, 1 month ago
Been with these guys for a while. I tried others once and again, but keep coming back to this place consistently. Best servic... Read more
Chudnut87, 1 month ago
Very fast delivery put in my order through text message and received my order within hour others kept me waiting three hours ... Read more
Tauxins, 2 months ago
My husband and I both enjoyed weed. Would buy again.
Topenocs, 2 months ago
Most amazing buds I've ever held in my hands. Smoke was like hitting a regular vape unreal taste and felt amazing in the lung... Read more
Sythee1907, 2 months ago
Really nicely clipped and cured. I have been really impressed with all the strains from Grabbakush!
Fishstall, 2 months ago
Big buds and nice smoke Overall. Would purchase again at this price point!
Daaagaard, 2 months ago
Some potent stuff here. Good for the price. Can’t go wrong. Strong smell. Had alot of crystals and was sticky & fresh. Burned... Read more
Towkyoxd, 2 months ago