Tried these guys after another business left me hanging without any communication. Grabbakush came thru with good products... Read more
mauchon, 1 month ago
Loved there product and driver's was very cool and helpful !
Sergaquette, 1 month ago
It was like communication with friends. Be kind to these people it was a nice convenience in the city. Thank you!
Byldas, 1 month ago
Very good prices and amazing quality products and delivered to your door too! Definitely recommend.
Justimax, 1 month ago
Awesome service and great people I suggest this service to everyone they are very reliable 😀
Airleezy21, 1 month ago
Very nice bud. No big nugs, a little loose very sticky maybe a little wetter than I would like in a cure. Taste great in the ... Read more
Kal315, 1 month ago
Excellent Sativa!! Strong buzz. I will definitely purchase again.
Gaetaosa, 2 months ago
Top Quality Flowers Amazing Friendly Driver
Jacacnsen, 2 months ago
After some research, I ordered and I’m DAMN glad I did. I like the selection and the quality of their product. Delivery and c... Read more
Toly3000, 2 months ago
these guys deserve 5 stars all around no question. their prices for their selections are great and i can always expect my del... Read more
Liktchay, 2 months ago
Weed were definitely purple and sticky.. good taste. good for the money!
Silverolord, 2 months ago
This is a great deal on some high-end strains. All potent and tasty. Great bang for your buck.
Jam_7x, 2 months ago