10/10 product and customer service! Very good pricing as well. Make sure you try the bc brick or cali brick !!
zaza, 2 weeks ago
Pink Biscotti is the best bud ive ever had and its super purple. Theyre always delivered within an hour amd very easy going t... Read more
Sstrus1313, 4 weeks ago
been using these guys since the holidays, times are tough with the recession but these guys have whatever you need no matter ... Read more
joshhartz, 1 month ago
Really like them, They give great suggestions based on what you're looking for, just ask! :) Really good quality for any budg... Read more
HELLUSTAD, 5 months ago
great great bud guys. dispatcher answered before I put my phone down and this stuff is nuts. not the like the stuff we used t... Read more
mikekuna, 5 months ago
wicked weed and delivery/customer service always quick and professional. thanks for keeping the underground real smoke alive,... Read more
sauceboss, 5 months ago
What truly sets them apart is their customer service. The team was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, guiding me through t... Read more
alexdavos, 5 months ago
don't waste your time anywhere else, these guys hold it tf down!
jeanmarc, 5 months ago
you guys are the real deal!! tried cheaping out a few bucks at other shops but you really get what you pay for. if you know u... Read more
blakerichards, 6 months ago
love the bud guys, this 5a stuff stunk up my whole garage the second I cracked the bag, wifes not too happy but oh well
antoniobratellz, 6 months ago
professional honest group of people who run this company. pictures matched all the stuff I got and the quality is exactly as ... Read more
ashleybelairrr, 6 months ago
just moved here from Quebec where we gotta smoke the government bs and wow was ordering from these guys refreshing as hell. i... Read more
mikewallace, 6 months ago