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If you want to wait forever for some crap weed then hit these guys up!! Many other businesses with faster times and better pr... Read more
Mr Baker wake up, 3 days ago
well cant leave no stars so? anyways yikes. i waited 4,5 hours for an oz when they told me 40-90mins so thats really good. t... Read more
iheartbuckets, 3 days ago
Got to Admit these fine 420 Friends over there at ECL know there stuff... I have dealt with a few delivery services now and b... Read more
Kenny, 2 months ago
Best service and deals in Peterborough. 100% no fail
idim17, 2 months ago
Amazing deals and quality kush i definitely recommended these guys🍃💯
Dylan bell, 2 months ago
Super generous over count! Great communication, friendly, fast and reliable service! Amazing product quality! 100% will be co... Read more
Matt705, 3 months ago
We’re very much sceptical of the 200$ OUNCES on sale for 85, but we ordered one anyways And We’re Veryy very happy with our o... Read more
Abdualfrahid416, 4 months ago
I just want to say thank you to these guys, I have never been “wowed” enough to leave a review b4, but last night I called ex... Read more
Crystalmcgee705, 4 months ago
It takes over 40 minutes to get a response from them. The last time I ordered, I didn't realize they didn't have my address o... Read more
Little devil, 4 months ago
Placing the order was okay, not great but okay. Then the 90 min max delivery time came and went. I texted for an update, was ... Read more
Mumford, 4 months ago
Highly recommend purple stargate awesome indica at the price rivals any of the other 200$+ strains shown on other menus. Real... Read more
h&k_bingewatcher, 6 months ago
Great weed and their free joints are made from good weed that got me really high
Marcus123, 6 months ago


Every order recieves a free pre rolled! FREE delivery in town - flat rate $10.00 fee out of town (30-35km max)

Text or Call (705)-933-6222 to place and receive your delivery today .

Cash and etransfer accepted
EMT: confirmpayment123@yahoo.com

Peterborough, Ontario
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10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
* Hours of operation are listed in the business’ timezone
Peterborough, Ontario