They have awesome stuff and i will definitely be purchasing again.
Mila Marino, 2 years ago
Wow, I just got the weedmax reward from farmer's link. Wicked. Thank you very much. These guys are incredible. The greatest r... Read more
Ella Nathan, 2 years ago
This is the nicest website I've ever seen. Quick delivery services are available. Staff is kind, and the greatest strains are... Read more
lilyjacobson322, 2 years ago
The delivery went quickly, and they phoned me many times to confirm their arrival time. They arrived on time, made things sim... Read more
Gavin Matroos, 2 years ago
Great friendly and courteous service. Very knowledgeable and offers lots of information.
hesiy58361, 2 years ago
Can’t explain how much I feel comfortable with those guys they always perfect on time also them stuff the best flowers i ever... Read more
Hayat Zoheir, 2 years ago
Definitely one of the best dispensaries in Toronto! Very fast delivery and they always have fresh, quality flowers.
gopekingđź‘‘, 2 years ago
Love Love Love you!!! There's a group of us that buy every Saturday.. best weed, best edibles and always helpful when someth... Read more
cateciv624, 2 years ago
Great service! They treat customers so well! Driver was nice, weed quality was great! I recommend it to everyone, i will be ... Read more
Josué Chávez, 2 years ago
Great service, prices and product! Very happy with them and will definitely be back!
Anna Chmielewska, 2 years ago
The quality is both represented in staff as well as products. They are helpful and always courteous when it comes to customer... Read more
Steve Boyle, 2 years ago
Very good service. Their quality is the best and they are super professional.
Kijiyou, 2 years ago