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The History of Thornhill

While you’re waiting for your same day cannabis delivery in Thornhill, sit back and read about the history of the Ontario community currently known as Thornhill. It’s not a city, or even a small town, but an established community that rests halfway between Markham and Vaughan. Yonge Street travels down the center of these sides, establishing a clear boundary within a community that feels more like one unit.

How does such a community become established? It all started with the foundation of Yonge Street in the late 1700s. The street was originally constructed as a connection between Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario. Travelers from Toronto mainly used the road for business and leisure in those days, but the area started to expand with new settlers due to a program that rewarded new inhabitants with plots of land. These land plots were gifted to new residents willing to clear and fence in their plots, taking up residence in what would eventually become the Thornhill so many Canadians know and love today.

Around 1820, a man many residents consider to be the first serious businessman came to live in the area. Benjamin Thorne established a tannery, gristmill, and sawmill, jumpstarting commerce in the area.

Eventually, agriculture became a serious business for many Thornhill community residents. The area developed gradually into a more urban environment with a variety of businesses, which brings us to modern times, where many businesspeople are starting to make their money from Thornhill weed delivery services.

What you can expect from both sides of this beautiful community is excellent service from a growing number of dispensaries offering cannabis delivery in Thornhill, and surrounding communities.


How many dispensaries are there in Thornhill?

There aren’t many dispensaries in Thornhill, but there are a growing number in nearby cities and towns. Some dispensaries in surrounding cities, such as Toronto, may offer cannabis delivery in Thornhill. The best way to identify your delivery options is to browse listings right here on Leafythings. As more dispensaries open up in the Thornhill area, we will list them, along with hours of operation and product availability. Consider us your eyes when it comes to Ontario’s weed market.

How much weed can I have on me in Thornhill?

Thornhill is subject to the cannabis laws of Ontario. The current laws limit public possession to no more than 30 grams of dried cannabis. For edibles, drops, and other types of cannabis products, the law is an amount equivalent to 30 grams of dried cannabis.

Cannabis laws also restrict the use of cannabis near schools and other locations where minors congregate. You can, however, smoke or vape marijuana in many other public places, including most parks and on residential sidewalks - just make sure you aren’t too close to someone’s private property, and are respectful of open windows to homes.

What kinds of weed can I buy in Thornhill?

Strain availability in Thornhill is improving by the year. Dispensaries are still in the early stages of growth and development, and are determining the best way to meet the needs of buyers while meeting their own financial goals. Therefore, you can expect to see a variety of long-standing favorite strains listed alongside industry newcomers.

You can buy Indica, Sativa, and hybrid weed strains at most Thornhill area dispensaries. In addition, you can buy concentrates, extracts, topicals, vape pens, and even pre-rolled joints in Ontario.

Can I buy THC products in Thornhill?

You can buy products containing THC in Thornhill. THC as a component produces a delightful high, making it prized by most recreational weed users. Some weed strains contain more THC than others, so take the time to explore the strains currently on the market.

Leafythings strives to maintain up-to-date dispensary listings for Thornhill and surrounding areas. Allow us to help you find the right Thornhill weed delivery service for your current needs, and feel free to check back in, as we update our listings as new dispensaries open and product listings change.