Infused cannabis prerolls are a popular way to consume cannabis, especially for those who want a more potent and flavorful smoking experience. These pre-rolled joints are infused with cannabis concentrate, such as oil or wax, to increase their potency and effects.

Infused cannabis prerolls are made by adding a layer of cannabis concentrate to a regular preroll. This concentrate is typically made using a solvent-based extraction method, such as butane or CO2 extraction, and is mixed with a carrier oil or wax to create a more viscous substance that can be easily applied to the preroll.

The result is a joint that packs a powerful punch, delivering a more intense and longer-lasting high than a regular preroll. Infused prerolls are also prized for their unique flavours and aromas, which can be enhanced by the added cannabis concentrate.

If you're looking for a convenient and potent way to consume cannabis, consider trying an infused cannabis preroll. These pre-rolled joints are easy to use, discreet, and offer a more intense and flavorful smoking experience than a regular preroll. And if you're looking for where to find infused cannabis prerolls, you know you can rely on Leafythings to help assist you in finding the best weed delivery options in Canada