The Best Weed Delivery Services Across Canada

Since Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis in 2018, the culture surrounding this incredible plant has been pushed right into the mainstream. Below, you'll find some of the best weed delivery services across Canada, so that you can get involved and discover the magic of marijuana for yourself.

Following legalization, cannabis use has become increasingly commonplace and very socially acceptable. This change came about quickly as people began to realize the positive impacts cannabis can have on society, and how the plant can truly improve the lives of many people.

Here at Leafythings, we want to help as many people as possible access top-quality cannabis products and we believe the best way to do that is through marijuana delivery services.


What is a marijuana delivery service?

Marijuana delivery services are a type of online dispensary that brings your favorite cannabis products straight to your door. This is a fantastic alternative to a traditional, walk-in dispensary for people that struggle to find time to drive out to physical stores.

One of the best parts about ordering your weed from an online dispensary is that deliveries are usually made the very same day you order! Read on to find out about the best delivery services operating in your city, and how you can place your very own cannabis order today.


Best Weed Delivery Canada

If you're a weed lover, then Canada is one of the best places in the world for you to live. Online dispensaries are starting to make the buying process even more perfect and nearly everyone in Canada can get weed delivered straight to their home.

1) Weed Delivery in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada and is bustling with life. It is also packed with historical landmarks, beautiful buildings, and of course its stunning location on the peninsula. In addition, Vancouver is connected to some of the finest weed-delivering institutions in the country.

High Vibe Cannabis

High Vibe is one of our absolute favorite cannabis delivery teams in all of Vancouver. Over the years they've built a brilliant reputation for their friendly customer service, super-fast delivery times, and top-shelf cannabis products.

They have a great range of products, ranging from delicious edibles to powerful, mind-bending concentrates. However you like to consume your weed, you can guarantee that High Vibe will have the perfect product for you.


Another brand that we can't recommend highly enough is PUFF DELIVERY. If you're looking for a reliable online dispensary in Vancouver, then there is really no better place to turn. Their products are always of the highest quality and have built a dedicated customer base that wouldn't shop anywhere else.

The crumble they stock is some of the best we've seen and we definitely advise you to pick some up if you get the chance.


2) Weed Delivery Hamilton

Hamilton is another great place to live when it comes to cannabis delivery services. There are loads of great businesses operating in their area, and you're bound to have a great experience with any of them. Having said that, here are a couple of our absolute favorites in Hamilton:

Dank Dynasty Dispensary

If you're looking for an online dispensary with a super-wide product range, then Dank Dynasty will be perfect for you. They stock nearly every type of weed product you could imagine - from pre-rolled cones to top-shelf Afghan Hashish.

Orders can be easily placed via their website and will be delivered to you in record time. If you live in Ontario, then definitely consider Dank Dynasty for your next batch of green goodness.

Ontario Cannabis Co.

Another excellent option for cannabis lovers in Hamilton is Ontario Cannabis Co. The Ontario Cannabis Co. team are an extremely friendly bunch and are committed to giving their loyal customers the best cannabis delivery services they possibly can.

As a result, whenever you shop with Ontario Cannabis Co. you can expect unrivaled attention to detail, some of the finest strains and products around, and of course, extremely fast same-day delivery.

3) Cannabis Delivery Ottawa

The capital city of Canada is home to some of the country's most famous buildings, the stunning Rideau Canal, and tons of cultural attractions. Ottawa is a beautiful place to kick back with some great weed and watch the sun set over the historical skyline.

Edibles 'R' Us

Edibles 'R' Us is THE place to go if you love to indulge in some delicious edibles. Edibles 'R' Us craft a variety of glorious THC-infused treats that will absolutely blow your socks off, such as cookies, gummy bears, and chocolate bars.

They also have a decent range of other cannabis products, including moonrock joints and high-quality CBD flower. Their prices are also very reasonable and you definitely get plenty of bang for your buck, even with taxes.


For those adventurous weed lovers looking to expand their horticultural horizons, Canna-Corp has plenty to offer. They specialize in lesser-known and boutique strains that you'll sometimes struggle to find anywhere else in the area.

They have flower, concentrates, and edibles to suit any kind of cannabis user. They also have a selection of vape liquids and e-pens if you prefer to get your weed fix the modern way. We highly recommend Canna-Corp to anyone interested in really finding out what marijuana brings to the table.

4) Weed Delivery Toronto

Toronto might be the fastest-paced city in all of Canada. Sometimes though it can be nice to escape from the excitement and just kick back for a while, and there's no better way to relax than with a lovely smoke.

Crown Weed

You'll struggle to find an online dispensary with a better selection of flower than Crown Weed. If you love an old-school joint or just enjoy consuming flower, then this store will seem like a cannabis paradise.

They don't just sell great bud though, and actually have a comprehensive range of the highest-quality edibles for weed lovers to sink their teeth into... literally. Be sure to check out Crown Weed if you're after some top-shelf produce.

This company also offers a country-wide online cannabis service and sends out products via Canada Post. Crown is a fantastic dispensary that is accessible for anyone who wants to order weed online in Canada.

Pink Cloud

Another of our Toronto faves is Pink Cloud, which stocks an impressive range of recreational and medical marijuana. They also have regular special deals for those that love a bargain.

If you're interested in buying cannabis online for delivery in Toronto, then Pink Cloud should definitely be a company near the top of your list.


5) Cannabis delivery service Calgary

Here are just two of the many fantastic online dispensaries in Calgary that we would recommend to anyone living in the area.

Ganja Kings

Ganja Kings is probably the most popular delivery and mail order marijuana dispensary in Calgary. Their virtual shelves are stacked with every kind of marijuana product you could possibly imagine, so everyone will be able to find something they love.

Their Pure Kief is one of our favorite products and is always a fine and powerful addition to a carefully rolled joint.



Doober is another mail order marijuana dispensary that operates extensively throughout Calgary. Like Ganja Kings, they have an impressive product range, and offer great prices when you buy in larger quantities. Doober is the perfect team to turn to if you're looking to pick up a generous batch.

The products themselves are always of a high-quality, cultivated by some of the most well-trained hands in Canada. If you order cannabis online through Doober, you'll be getting some of the best green around.

6) Weed Delivery Edmonton

Edmonton is a truly beautiful place to smoke cannabis. With its gorgeous green spaces and lovely river banks, there's always a place to go to kick back with some great bud. Here are some reliable online dispensaries if you want to buy weed online in Edmonton.

Herb Outlet Edmonton

Herb Outlet is one of the most established online dispensaries in Edmonton, and for good reason! They have a great range of products and offer deliveries to every corner of the city. It doesn't matter if you live down by the river or out in the wilderness, Herb Outlet will be happy to deliver to you.

Whether you are a medical or recreational user, enjoy an old-school joint or prefer edibles, you can guarantee that Herb Outlet will have something that will interest you. Their CBD range is also second to none.

Golden Galaxy Farms

Golden Galaxy Farms are yet another company that has built a fantastic reputation for its services. Not only is their produce straight off the top-shelf, but their delivery is extremely fast. If you order in the morning, you can absolutely expect your order to be delivered the very same day.

Golden Galaxy likes to keep their product range simple yet specialized, offering a rotating selection of brand new products. If we had to recommend one product from Golden Galaxy, we'd probably go with the Stoneman High-Grade shatter - definitely worth a try!


7) Weed Delivery London

Here are some of the top-rated delivery and mail order marijuana companies if you're wanting to buy weed online in London.

The Other Side

The Other Side is probably the most well-known and well-loved online dispensary in the city. They focus on sourcing the finest weed strains from across the country, so you can always rest easy knowing you'll be receiving some great marijuana.

They also offer a range of pre-rolls, edibles, and concentrates to suit all kinds of cannabis users. The Other Side group is also known to give out discounts to their loyal customers, so make sure you get in their good books.

Super Pink Kush

Super Pink Kush stock the best weed around. If there are new products starting to garner some hype in the marijuana world, you can guarantee that Super Pink Kush will be trying hard to get some in for their customers.

If you're trying to buy weed online in London, and you only want the finest products, then be sure to investigate The Other Side.

8) Weed Delivery Brampton

Astropink Delivery

Astropink is a brand making plenty of noise in the Brampton weed community. Their service lives up to the promises of their electric marketing though with top-quality cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrates all on offer.

They also dabble in more modern methods of cannabis consumption, such as vape pens. Astropink could be the best weed shop for you if you live in Brampton.


Another fantastic option for the lovely people of Brampton is FARMERSLINK. If your priority is fast delivery, then FARMERSLINK is absolutely the way to go. They deliver in under an hour in most cases, meaning you really can get your weed in whenever you feel like it.

Ordering cannabis online should be a seamless and relaxing experience, and FARMERSLINK always works hard to ensure this is the case. One of the best companies around when it comes to delivery and mail-order marijuana services - they also deliver across the country via Canada Post.

9) Weed Delivery Group Surrey

Best Culture Budz

If you're looking for a comprehensive range of marijuana flower in Surrey, then Best Culture Budz could be the perfect company for you. This range is made up of the best Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids around, and any type of cannabis user is bound to find some buds they love.

Best Culture Budz delivers throughout Surrey for very reasonable prices. The combination of this easy delivery with great weed makes this delivery team a top option for anyone looking to buy weed online in Surrey.

Uber Weeds

If you're a fan of marijuana, then you'll love filling up a shopping cart at Uber Weeds. Uber Weeds might be the best stocked online dispensary in Surrey, which aims to offer high-quality products for all kinds of cannabis users.

10) Online dispensary delivery Winnipeg

Red Eye Delivery

Red Eye Delivery is a pretty popular online dispensary in the Winnipeg area, and it's very easy to see why. Their products are second to none and their customer service team is always super friendly and helpful. If you want any advice about their services or products, then they'd love you to give them a call.

Their delivery times are super fast - they'll never leave you waiting around for your order. It doesn't matter if you need medical strains, edibles, or concentrates, you can be sure that Red Eye will be able to hook you up with something perfect.


What is the best city for mail order marijuana?

The truth is that wherever you live, you'll be able to order weed online in Canada. There are mail-order companies that offer shipping across the country via Canada Post.

Having said that, if you want to order weed online in Canada for same-day delivery, then you'll have to live near an online dispensary delivery team. This is usually more of an option for people who live in the big cities.

If you're looking for the best online dispensary, then be sure to have a read through our guide above.