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At Leafythings, we have one goal - to make the best quality cannabis products available to all. Whether you're a traditional smoker who loves buds and flowers, or you have a sweet tooth and enjoy edibles, we have got the supplies for you! With the cannabis market continually changing, we promise always to update and refresh our catalog of awesome products so you'll never miss out. Our customers get the chance to try some of the hottest goods on the market, that can't be found anywhere else in their area.

Is It Expensive?

When it comes to buying your weed online, you're probably expecting to pay big bucks, right? At Leafythings, we want cannabis to be affordable for everyone - as it should be. We work with some of the top cultivators around, so that you'll be able to get the best weed-related products delivered right to your door for a budget-friendly cost!

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Where Can I Find Weed in Lethbridge?

Leafythings can help you find weed in Lethbridge quickly. Search our listings for dispensaries and cannabis shops located in city limits and nearby. We’ll show you the exact address and contact information for the closest weed retailer to your current location. Our listings will also show you what products are available along with prices.

Interesting Facts about Lethbridge

Lethbridge was one of the first five cities in Alberta to surpass 100,000 residents. The city receives well over 300 days of intense sunshine each year and offers a mild climate that is comfortable year-round. The Oldman River cuts through Lethbridge, giving space on its banks for some of the most beautiful and peaceful valleys and public parks.

How to Order Weed Delivery in Lethbridge

Your search for cannabis delivery in Lethbridge ends at Leafythings. Start by browsing our listings for dispensaries and shops that provide marijuana delivery. Read any customer reviews available and check out the products and prices for each location. When you’re ready to place your order, our listings will tell you exactly how to contact the delivery service.


How much weed can I possess in Lethbridge?

Adults at least 18 years old can legally possess up to 30 grams of marijuana while in public. While minors under age 18 cannot legally carry weed, Alberta cannabis law stipulates that offenders carrying 5 grams or less will face no criminal charges.

Where can I find same day weed delivery in Lethbridge?

The options for same day weed delivery in Lethbridge are growing. The best way to identify shops offering delivery to your address is to search the listings here at Leafythings. We’re committed to connecting with the best weed delivery services in Lethbridge so that we can share information with you here.

Are there any late-night dispensaries in Lethbridge?

There are some late-night dispensaries operating in Lethbridge. Try Canna Cabana on Southgate Boulevard or Atomic Cannabis on 2 Avenue S. These locations may not offer marijuana delivery in Lethbridge at all hours, but they do have operational hours past midnight at least a couple nights a week.