If you live in Halifax, or even are simply visiting, you may be wondering if Halifax weed delivery could enable you to replenish your cannabis supply without all the time, frustration, and hassle of going to a dispensary. You’ve probably already invested too much time into previous trips, and you’d really rather spend that time being productive, or enjoying your day.

Fortunately, there’s a Halifax 

weed delivery service that’s right for every cannabis consumer living, working, or exploring Nova Scotia.

Cannabis products available at dispensaries in and around Halifax. Currently, the province of Nova Scotia allows sales only through the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, which operates stores in Halifax and throughout the province. These stores serve as dispensaries, selling cannabis alongside alcohol and other products.

However, the delivery of cannabis by a third-parties is not prohibited. If you’re not able to get to a NSLC location, you can simply opt to place your order online or by phone with a Halifax weed delivery service, and they will package and ship your cannabis products right to your door.

When it comes to weed delivery, Halifax residents and visitors don’t have to wait forever. With same day cannabis delivery, Halifax customers can enjoy their cannabis products quickly - often within an hour or two - without ever having to leave their homes.

Your choices aren’t limited to containers of dried flower, either. With cannabis delivery, Halifax customers can choose from edibles, beverages, vaping cartridges, concentrates, and many other products containing THC. Leafythings makes finding the right cannabis delivery service easy. Simply use the easy search platform to locate delivery services near you, place your order, and relax - our professional cannabis delivery team will take care of the rest.

Which Dispensaries Are Available in Halifax?

When it comes to weed delivery, there are many more options to choose from. Weed delivery services in Halifax are among the province’s most popular delivery services, in large part because of its incredible selection of flower, concentrates, and other cannabis products. Bargain hunters also appreciate this service’s deals: some strains are as low as $5 per gram.

Leafythings’ service also prides itself on offering efficient delivery in the Halifax, Cole Harbour, and Eastern Passage areas. With Leafythings, in many cases, ordering and receiving your cannabis is faster than ordering dinner through a restaurant delivery service.

There is also a weed delivery location available at Dartmouth to provide access to cannabis products to even more consumers who would like to use cannabis delivery services in Nova Scotia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do delivery services work?

Ordering from a Halifax delivery service is simple - just visit the service’s website to shop for flower, edibles, and other products; then, order online or by phone (most delivery services offer both options), and the delivery service team will quickly package and bring your order right to your door.

In most cases, ordering takes just a few minutes. However, if you need help choosing products, don’t be afraid to ask. Weed delivery representatives in Halifax will be more than happy to help you choose the right products for your needs, experience level, and personal preferences.

How old do I have to be to buy weed in Halifax?

The Cannabis Act of 2018 mandates that the minimum legal age for cannabis possession and consumption is 18, but grants individual provinces the right to raise that minimum age. Like most Canadian provinces, Nova Scotia added one year to the minimum age, raising the minimum age to 19 in order to purchase, consume, or possess cannabis.

How much weed is legal to have in Halifax?

Possession limits can be confusing, as they differ depending on where you are. At home, you are able to store as much cannabis as you want. When in public, however, you can carry a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis at one time.

Keep in mind that this limit could be different if you travel to other provinces in Canada. It is always a good idea to check the laws before you travel. It is also illegal to transport cannabis across an international border, so be sure to leave your weed at home when you’re traveling outside the country.