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Within the city of Fort Erie, Ontario, there is a tiny, unincorporated village called Ridgeway. At one time, it was the governmental seat for Bertie Township in Weiland County. Although the rail line that once connected Ridgeway to other areas is long gone, the former rail line has been transformed into cycling and walking trains for the benefit of residents and consumers alike.

When you’re visiting Ridgeway, you’ll also have access to the area’s dispensaries and Ridgeway weed delivery services, including those of Fort Erie.

Leafythings takes the guesswork out of finding the same dispensaries and weed delivery services Ridgeway locals rely on to keep their cannabis supplies well stocked. Start with the intuitive search feature to discover excellent strains, products, and deals in the Ridgeway area today!

How do you order weed delivery in Ridgeway?

If you’re worried that ordering cannabis in Ridgeway will be a hassle, relax. Once you find a delivery service on Leafythings and choose the items you want, you can submit your order online or by phone. Canadian law allows online checkout, so buying marijuana is mostly the same as buying any other product online. Then, a team member will quickly package and deliver your order.

How to choose the best dispensary in Ridgeway

Choosing the best dispensary in Ridgeway starts with getting clear on your likes and dislikes. One dispensary may offer your favorite strains, discount products on certain days, and provide a friendly atmosphere. Another consumer could see the same dispensary in a totally different way.. The easiest strategy for finding the perfect one for you is trying out the different dispensaries and cannabis delivery Ridgeway has available.

Which dispensaries are available in Ridgeway?

Currently, there are no dispensaries that are physically located inside Ridgeway’s boundaries. There are several dispensaries and Ridgeway delivery services in nearby areas that can provide you with top-quality cannabis, though.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How old should you be to order weed in Ridgeway?

As in other cities and towns in Ontario, the legal age for purchasing and consuming weed is 19. It is illegal to give or share cannabis or THC products with anyone who is under 19, regardless of whether the cannabis is for medicinal or personal use.

How much is a gram of weed in Ridgeway?

If you are new to cannabis, you might be familiar with how marijuana is priced. Typically, it is priced per gram, although most dispensaries don’t offer dried flower in amounts below 3.5 grams. In Ridgeway, prices are on par with other dispensaries in Alberta - dried flower typically costs between $7 and $13 per gram. Buying by the ounce can help you lower your costs per gram.

What are other legal restrictions?

Although it is legal for adults to consume and purchase weed in Ridgeway, the amount you can buy and carry is not unlimited. You can only purchase and carry up to 30 grams of dried flower or equivalent at a time. This limit does not apply to the amount you can store in your private residence, though.

Where is it possible to smoke weed in Ridgeway?

It is perfectly legal to consume cannabis in your own private residence, as well as a residence owned by another person, as long as that person has given you permission.

Smoking in vehicles is not permitted, but you can consume cannabis in public outdoor areas where such use is not prohibited. You can also use cannabis in designated indoor areas.