Have you heard the dope news in the West Coast?


The California Assembly has passed a bill that could bring Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes to the Cali! The bill, known as AB 1775, was approved with a 49-4 vote and is now headed to the Senate. However, even if the Senate passes the bill, its legalization is still not guaranteed.


However, if passed, the bill would allow local jurisdictions to permit licensed cannabis retailers to sell non-cannabis food and non-alcoholic beverages. The cafes would also be able to host live music and performances. Sounds right up Leafythings alley! 


Currently, California law allows consumers to use cannabis at dispensaries, but these establishments cannot sell non-cannabis products like coffee and food, unlike the legal cannabis cafes in Amsterdam.


California, known for its prominent weed culture, has long been compared to Amsterdam, where cannabis cafes have been legal since the 1970s.


Matt Haney, who introduced the bill, argues it is a matter of fairness. He believes the cafes would help the state's legal weed industry, which faces high taxes and not-so-fun regulations.  “This bill supports our legal small businesses that want to diversify and do the right thing,” Haney said on the Assembly floor. 


The bill would prohibit cannabis smoking or vaping in areas where food is prepared or stored, ensuring separation between cannabis consumption and other work areas. The bill would also allow local jurisdictions to decide whether to permit cannabis cafes. 


West Hollywood has already implemented a licensing system, and a few cannabis lounges operate within the city. These businesses have created workarounds to separate the food and cannabis operations.


The bill faces opposition from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the American Heart Association, and the American Lung Association, which raise concerns about the health effects of secondhand marijuana smoke. They argue that the bill could undo workplace protections by creating harmful environments.


However, the marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access claims that the highly regulated nature of these establishments would pose no health risks to patrons and employees.


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